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Dotty Buttons

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Thank you, u2 - there's no denying Jigidi is fun ☺


I have no idea what you puzzle creators are talking about, all I know, this was a fun puzzle and fun is Jigidi, thank goodness!


I did notice, Ardy. Thank you for putting the original in correct proportion. It looks so much better!


Chrissie, I hope you noticed I changed this and deleted my comment from before.


Kaleido collage ready for Monday, September 7, 2020. Thank you, Chrissie:

Chrissie, one of the reasons I like to get the link to the original artist early is so that if there is something you don't like I can fix it before publishing it. So here it is without all of your original . I'll not manipulate yours again. I value the fact that you allow me to spin your designs.


They do look very unproportional tilted at that angle! I can understand you wanting to show the all buttons but it would be better to leave it in the original proportion and miss out the edges. You always add the link if anyone wants to solve it ☺


Willy, thank you! Do you mean to say you are 70 and Monique 65 years old? Never!!!
I always think of you two as being in your early 50s!
0:52 is a respectable time, my friend - do you see me on the board? No! We old solvers can't keep up with the young ones LOL.


Eggsactly! Thanks, Patti ☺


Love the Dolly Buttons Chrissie, very pretty and fun puzzle!
0:52 and I tought that I was solving fast! Well, It was a fine walking day for a man from 70 and a woman from 65, maybe was that the reason!
Thanks so much, my friend,


Love it! Makes me think of Easter. :)


Cool is good - please send some asap... we're having a heatwave here! A mere 94 ish but when we're used to much lower temps it knocks the stuffing out of us!
Thanks, Francine.

PS Ice cream for dinner anyone? LOL


Cool! I love your dotty buttons. Thanks, Chrissie.


Thanks, Ell Jay ☺


Love your crazy dots, Foxy!


Now that's a fantastic idea! Follow the Yellow Dot Road? :-)))

Thanks, Shirley ♥


Oh yes, I love your dotty buttons, Chrissie, I'm thinking they would also brighten up my backyard as stepping stones ☺ Thanks Chrissie :):)


I do believe they would be positively delirious at the prospect of a spin!

Thanks, Ardy ☺


All sizes of dots and pretty colors. Do you think they would like to go for a spin? Fun puzzle, Chrissie. Thank you.

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