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Isabel del Mar

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No.1212 New Harima 1987 12,579 Hankyu Ferry KK by Kanda Zosensho KK, Kobe
Superferry 17 2004 Superferry
Huadong Pearl III 2007 Huadong Ferry
Isabel del Mar 2008 ISCOMar
Scrapped Aliaga 2014
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  1. Teagardener0:32
  2. alansnell0:35
  3. TaDah0:36
  4. Robbos0:37
  5. Ianto0:38
  6. hilda450:39
  7. SailorSam0:39
  8. chillfiltered0:45
  9. ekopug10:46
  10. pusleeva0:46


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Not a problem then. *Grins*


Jolene, the last thing I worry about these days is getting 'bumped' from a puzzle. So don't feel bad about it, as I won't be losing any sleep! :-))) ♥♥♥

Very pretty color, Thank you.

I think I knocked you off Nev.


Not a stupid question. It is a car ferry but I suggest a car carrier maybe in front, for the cars of the same colour.


Can I ask a stupid question? Are all those cars on the dock to be loaded onto this ship, for transportation?

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