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Flower Parade.

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Vollenhove rataplan_2013

Brian found it, he wrote:
A beautiful float with a message, highlighting the trade of exotic fish!

'Zwemmende Goud', Swimming Gold, awarded 7th place ☺☺

Enjoy the link at 11:30,
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Aw drawing is nice too. I'm not good with it. I think ☺. Actually I never tried. I always had a very busy life and no time for things like that. Actually I discovered here at Jigidi that I am creative. ☺ A few years ago I did not know how to cut or paste a photo. I learned a lot here. ☺
And yes that is one of the nice things of Jigidi, you learn so much. There are so many friends all over the world and everyone can tell you something. I love that. ☺ Hugs. ♥


That is fantastic having so many flower parades. Dahlias are lovely. I have a pink, white and yellow one blooming in my garden now. Thank you so much for all the stories from your dear country. I love learning from people. Guide books are great but the best learning is from listening to people. I hand draw cards and mail them to friends and family for the various holidays. Doing cards is something we share in common. Grins and smiles!


Hi Iris. Again I'm busy. There are so many Birthdays these days. And that's what I do first, making the cards. I want no one to disappoint. I always had pets, but never a fish. I like something you can cuddle. ☺
In Netherlands (NL) we have about 30 flower parades each year. It's in different cities. The most parades use Dahlias, so that parades are in August/September. There are also some parades in Spring, they use spring flowers, mostly bulbs. I already post flower parade photos for almost 3 years. Glad you like them too. ☺ smiles and hugs to you. ☺♥☺


This Koi goldfish is amazing! One of my first pets was a goldfish. I had her for a long time. One of my neighbors has a beautiful landscaped Koi Pond that frogs love too. This parade reminds me of the American Rose Bowl Parade in California associated with college foot ball. Grins and smiles!


I agree Nev, it's funny. ☺♥☺


Hanne, never heard that one before. It's a beauty. Almost like a fairytale with a tune. ♥♥♥


Thanks Lorna, it's a nice one. ☺♥☺


Fantastic float. Thanks Ank.


☺☺☺☺☺ Thanks for a good laugh Hanne. It's lovely. ☺☺☺


It's a song, Ank -


Story? Come on Hanne, tell us ☺♥☺


The story about the three little fish... thanks so very much Ank! :-)))


A beauty to see. Thanks Brian for finding it again. You are great. Thanks Janet Nev Linda Jackie Beekay Brian and Linda.
They are Koi Carp indeed. We call this fish a "Goudvis" a "Gold fish".
A float with a message and also a pun.
Jackie, yes, all real flowers. ☺
Glad you like it friends. ☺♥☺ Hugs ♥♥♥

Yes every day a bit better, but it will take some time before I jump over the fence again. ☺☺☺


What a wonderful float! I love all the drops of water hanging everywhere, also the fish traps.
Many thanks, Ank and Brian. ♥


A beautiful float with a message, highlighting the trade of exotic fish!

'Zwemmende Goud', Swimming Gold, awarded 7th place ☺☺

Enjoy the link at 11:30,


Enjoyed seeing the float and making the puzzle.
Nice to see you back too♥

i'am with linda today,just a wonderful float, are all the float made with real flower.? have a beautiful sunday. day of rest!!!! hugs to you!!


Wonderful float! Love the carp. I hope you're getting better each day that passes too.


Ank, they look like Koi Carp. A superb float.
I hope you are getting better and better each day. Love from Nev/Marge/Barry Koala. ♥♥♥


Cute fish thanks dear Ank. Very beautifully created too. Hugs dear friend. I hope you are feeling stronger each day.

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