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The Prow

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Nature Photographer of the Year 2021
Landscape category runner-up
The Prow by Andrea Pozzi, Italy (Puna desert, the Andes)

Andrea Pozzi says:

“The Puna is a high desert plateau, where some of the most surreal desert scenery of the planet are found. Here’s the “Campo de Piedra Poméz”, a massive white pumice stone labyrinth, result of a volcanic explosion that spread ashes and debris that were immediately crystallized. Many years of erosion have carved these porous rocks into surreal formations surrounded by an ocean of black sand. That morning I got lost in a labyrinth of forms captured by a whirlwind of inspiration. In these places I found artists and writers of the past hidden in every detail… It was a dreamlike morning that I will never forget. The shape of these wind-sculpted stones reminded me of the prow of a ship.”

Courtesy of The Guardian and NPOTY
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  1. stunned4:54
  2. Helmling5:14
  3. Kaffesoester5:31
  4. Zos16:05
  5. Libi6:08
  6. Tincup7:22
  7. cookie577:27
  8. Noahboddi7:33
  9. Bill_I_Am7:39
  10. patmacart7:47


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Well, I do see a spot or two that might have been "marked" by some local polar bear... :-))


Yes, it is amazing. Dirty arctic ice, eh?

What amazing texture! Otherwise, I'd probably assume it was arctic ice.


The color seems wrong, but yeah, I guess they do.


If anything looks like chunks of ash frozen in time, it's these blocks.


I was almost certain it was an abstract painting when I finished it. Texture and all. I'm glad you enjoyed it, stunned, and you're most welcome!

When I finished I immediately thought that it seemed so surreal....and there it was in the first sentence. Great post, my sister is an artist and would love to see this in person for sure. Thanks so much for this post.


It really is incredible!


What an incredible place. Another to put on my bucket list. Lengthening bucket list.


It really fits.


Perfect title.


Isn't it otherwordly? You're certainly welcome, Gayle, and thanks for visiting!


That really is unusual. I can see how it would be easy to get lost if you were to go exploring. Thanks, Bill!


You're welcome, Jim. I'll take your word for it on the whale blubber—I've never seen it. I thought it looked like an abstract painting.


Amazing formations, almost look like whale blubber in the front pieces. Great info and photo of this phenomenon. TFS Bill. Keep safe my friend.

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