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Albina Fawn

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Fawns are everywhere!
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  1. nosnow_here2:50
  2. mapletree3:09
  3. dartagnan3:16
  4. porgy3:18
  5. dianajnelson3:34
  6. kenb3:53
  7. dustydog4:03
  8. cobra4:29
  9. Valleygrrrl4:35
  10. Bierbau4:36


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You are home!?? It is hard to hide those light ones.


Poor Mama deer...hard to hide something white from predators.


Rosesroses, they are a delight to watch. I have not seen this pair as it was shared on a community website here. We have a resident deer and her fawn and I love to watch them!


The sweet little one seems to be aping every move of its Mama.


Claude you caught me twice......first was my typo when I meant albino, secondly it is a white fawn and not an albino? ;))) We have a few white ones and for some reason I have only noticed them mostly on the north end of the Island?

that is just a white fawn not a albina


Hi Porgy and gives enjoyment to observe them.......much like watching human children? They are first infants, very dependent, then start acting out, sorry they did whatever when getting caught, growing up, challenging their Moms etc. (Fathers, of course, as in most of the animal world, are off starting other families.) :))))

Lovely pic! Thanks Carol.


Hi Carol, you must be having lots of fun spotting them. Thank you!

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