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Friesland, Towns and Villages, Makkum. 108 pieces inside.

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20 pieces
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  1. evina560:25
  2. marunka2770:26
  3. puzzeljac0:32
  4. martiny0:32
  5. RobMuijt0:34
  6. linda18020:36
  7. goingsilver0:38
  8. racoon0:39
  9. JAJA480:39
  10. goosed0:40


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Nowadays that will not be a problem. But I remember that there was always ice on the glass.. ♥


Lots of huuuge windows - but I think it's general in the towns and villages you have shown us! Your houses mostly have very big windows! Lots of light inside, but they must be very highly insulated windows to keep out low temperatures.. thanks Ank! :-)))


Thanks friends. Nev it's such a typical small town shop. They sell everything. ♥ And wow yes, I also missed the trapgevel. ♥♥☺♥♥


Great photos ...

beautiful picture, love the little art work at the top. have a great day.


Beautiful pictures! I especially like the building on the left hand side, trap gavels and all! LOL




Linda, go to the top of the class!! This one slipped right by me. I'll go and sit in the corner, with my dunce's cap on!! :-))) ♥♥♥


Nev, do you see what I see to the left of Turfmarkt 31?
These are two very dignified buildings. Delightful and, as always in Makkum, so well kept.
Thank you, Ank. ♥


Those are big brooms for kids Nev! ☺That is a huge upstairs window on the shop and the chained off bench in front of the rather elegant house amuses me!


Ank, the place on the right looks like a toy shop. ♥♥♥

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