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Memorial Day

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  1. sairbair4:32
  2. carriejig4:45
  3. urte5:23
  4. NEGAX5:31
  5. brgos5:32
  6. Nalsa6:19
  7. spudulike6:47
  8. rjskyliners6:52
  9. fullofstars7:43
  10. recnepsnr8:15


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I went and listened to both songs, . . thanks.
Here is the one Ploddrose was talking about, . . I think.


Thanks you "guys/gals" for you thoughts. At work they wanted some of my pictures to post in the office, . . after I sent them some, they asked if I had any "HAPPY pictures, You know, ones with sunshine in them".
LOL Everyone says I am happy, and friendly. My mother taught me to like stormy clouds. When there was thunder she would call us all in the house, open the curtains, pop popcorn and we would watch the lightning. I didn't find out until after she passed away that she was scared of storms. Now what she did makes sense.

Ploddrose - I truly believe those who "pass" are not lost to God, but actually are called "home". I think in the grad scheme of it all, . . if we could see things the way heaven sees them, . . that birth (leaving our heavenly home) would be more scary and fearful for those who love us than death when we go back, and are in GOOD hands again, and there is no more sickness, disease, abuse and what not.
Sorry, those are just thoughts of mine. I'm not suicidal, I love life and would never want to end it before "it's" time. But death is not the end but just a great adventure and a New beginning.

Thanks again you guys for you thoughts.

Randy, I have enjoyed working some of your puzzles, you take very nice pics...Thanks. :)
I agree with you ploddrose, the skies do look angry and sad. I did look up the song you
mentioned, thinking it was Sarah Mclachlan's song also. But two totally different songs.
The one by Beverly is really pretty. Sarah's song is titled "In the Arms of an Angel" and
was a huge hit for her. If you've never heard it, the link is at the bottom if you would
like to. :)

Just look at the sky ,It looks as if God is going too cry, for all his children that he has lost and for all the one's he fear's are yet to pass. I think the perfect song to sing on Memorial Day is {Angle} If you have never heard it ,It's song by Beverly Mitchel she played Lucy on 7'TH. Heaven you can hear it on the computer if you look up 7'th. Heaven's Beverly Mitchel it will also give you all the words to it , it's oooo so sad but beautiful. Thank you 4 posting this and have a good day recnepsnr.

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