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Taking pet bear out for a bathroom break. :D

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Photoshopped image showing size comparison.
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  1. jls265:45
  2. eaross6:12
  3. startnovr6:13
  4. Bill_I_Am7:39
  5. lynnaambace8:23
  6. Bommom15:46
  7. Louise4016:06


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It does look fluffy! I'd like you pet it as well, but glad that I'm not there in person!
Yes, blended image from me in day time and bear at night.
My dog, Jessie is under that bear some where! :D Thanks for stopping by Gayle!


It looks so fluffy, it makes me want to reach out and pet it. I assume this is a blended photo. Thanks, Ernie!


Oh, dear. I didn't know there were bears in your area. Better to get their photos with a trap rather than in person!


Bill, yes, camera trap image. Bears are pretty common on my cameras. For some reason, they like messing with my battery packs.


Tell me you didn't nab the bear in your camera trap!? 😲

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