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Early Morning in the Desert

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Early morning and time for a walk in the solitude of a desert dawn.

Quail Creek, Arizona
August 2020
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  1. dondonbee8:36
  2. goingsilver10:51
  3. naisha11:02
  4. joalsmom13:26
  5. alias2v14:41
  6. foxtrotgal15:17
  7. awinita15:27
  8. Toto17:35
  9. GRMAN4519:50
  10. canoekaw20:19


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Sadly, we've had some incredible yet very eery sunsets, Marilyn. We had one the other night when the sun looked like a comet with trails of fire. I kept looking around for the Four Horsemen of the Acopolypse to come galloping down the sides of the mountains.


We are only getting an orange sun that disappears before it passes the horizon due to the smoke in the atmosphere. No dramatic display of colors. Our sky is white.


Unfortunately, my home is not oriented to catch the sunsets while indoors. If looks to be a good one, I head over to my sister's house which has a glorious western view and sun going down behind the mountains.


My Mom always talked about the sunrises and sunsets in New Mexico. I only visited family there once. The sunsets are spectacular.


A morning ''drama queen" sky. I guess Mother Earth decided to let the sunrise outshine the sunset today.


Wow, what a fabulous array of colours!

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