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Mom with babies just now

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This morning she and all the babies were in the litter box.
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So glad I found you again Edie. Looks like you've taken on quite a little family there! They all look like they're doing well.


Good news! Thanks for the update.


Thanks PJ and Willy. At least once a day when I go out she's laying in her litterbox. Sometimes alone, once with all the kittens. I hated taking out her shelf because now there's no real place to put her food and water but she uses it to get away from the kittens and that's not good. Maybe by next week I'll be able to put it back in.


That is good that she accepts the kittensd again. They need their mom


Edie, so wonderful to see that the cat mom is feeding the little kitties. And 6 of them ..........
You have a good heart, and I'm sure all the animals around you feel your kindness.
Thanks for posting an update,


If I get through this next week Josie I'll be able to start feeding them from a plate and then I'll be home free. Except for a lot of cleaning up babies. lol. Hugs ❤︎


Looks like it is going to work out.


Thanks guys. She's still with her kittens and hasn't been laying in the litter box that I'm aware of. There are 6 kittens songbirdj. One is under the orange guy.


So pleased she is feeding them, Edie.


I counted 5. Is that right?


So very cute. Mom is beautiful.


Thanks Barb and Ardy. I guess that's looking on the bright side. Lol.


Thanks Edie. At least you are not bottle feeding.


Thanks so much for the update, Edie. They will get there eventually. :-)


She should have thought of that about 11 weeks ago Florrie. lol.


Thanks Wendy and Lorna. I guess it's something. Now I wish she'd start taking care of the other end as well. I'm tired of being on clean up duty


So glad she is feeding them ok Edie. The kittens look great.


Then I would stop worrying if I were you, and even if I weren't you. ;-))))))))))
It reminds me of waiting in line to be seated at a popular restaurant. Eventually I know I'll be seated.


I'm guessing around 2 weeks Wendy give or take a day. They are starting to move around but not walking yet. She does feed them but not all at once. They have to queue up and take turns.


How old are they now, Edie? They actually look very healthy, so maybe they're feeding when you're not around to see it.

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