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  1. UUU11:20
  2. HdJL421113:08
  3. senrabyar13:41
  4. bjj14:06
  5. JAPUN15:09
  6. sgrunder15:36
  7. Momonona16:03
  8. rfmpuzzle17:57
  9. jobo2mi18:47
  10. JustPlainBob18:58


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In looking closer I see that the photo with the owner was taken 10 yrs ago and that this photo shows quite a bit more decay so I assume the owner has moved on to something more comfortable. I wish him the very best.


OMgosh, thank you for the link to the backstory of the house. It never occurred to me that someone lived there. How incredibly sad for both the house and it's owner.

in Detroit


Poor old house. It must have been really swell in it's youth. What a shame.


think its passed the fixing up stage. that's a tear down.


Don't you know this was a beauty in its day. Seeing places like this in such disrepair makes me really sad. I always wonder who lived there and why they moved out and why no one stepped in to take care of it.....Cyndi

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