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Wishin' I was Fishin' Vintage Fruit Crate Labels Depicting Fish

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I just love this vintage artwork of a trout on a vintage fruit crate label circa 1940.

Good afternoon, all my Jigidi Friends around this wonderful world.

For those of you who follow me on facebook, you know I have always loved to fish, so today's old fruit crate labels with fish on them are very meaningful to me.

When my husband of over 50 years asked me to be his girl back in 1968, he skipped giving me his class ring or letter-man sweater. Instead he made a date to take me on a picnic and go for an all day Jeep ride. Bud arrived at the crack of dawn and presented me with a shiny, new Eagle Claw fishing pole and a Mitchell 300 spinning reel. He knew how I loved to fish the mountain creeks with my father. At 15 Bud became my new fishing partner, and we fished many beautiful mountain streams in El Dorado County, California in our youth, and after we were married we saved to buy a boat and began lake fishing.

Today, with cancer having gone into my bones, the boat is too painful to ride in, but we found a wonderful Idaho State owned pond that is completely handicap accessible, complete with a wonderful ramp to a dock over the pond -- just for those of us with a blue handicap license. It is a thrill to me to still be able to go fishing, I just roll my walker out on the dock, right up to the safety rail and fish all day long. [A very clean public restroom can be easily reached on a cement walk from the dock all the way across the roadway - so nice not to stumble in the rocky, dirt road.]
It is called Oster Ponds, there are five others in the same area, two of them also handicap accessible. The land is part of the Idaho State Fish Hatchery and they stock the lake every Thursday morning with about 400 fish between the five ponds, several varieties, including a beautiful yellow [not to be confused with golden] trout. My husband and two of my grandchildren and son have all caught one. So far the things have alluded me. It is now at the top of my bucket-list to catch one of them.

Never seen a yellow trout? Take a look at some on this facebook page
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You're welcome "grandmapegs" Hope all this madness is passing you by and you and your hubby enjoy the fishing breaks :D Ooo Ooo Happy New Year to you both :D


Trish, yep, he is a keeper. I know he would love to be out on the boat fishing, but he takes me to my pond. He is still in amazing shape and fly fishes or casts while I sit and watch him while I fish from the dock. Glad you enjoyed our story.


Dotty, as always so good to hear from you and I really enjoyed your puzzle you created while thinking of me.


Trouble so good to hear from you. I remember about thirty years ago a friend of mine who was a senior citizen at the time came back from a trip through some of our National Parks and she kept telling of her amazement to all the handi-cap accessible places that made it possible for her to get out and enjoy places she could otherwise not visit without them. Today I sing praises for all those blessings of handi-cap accessible places I can visit and enjoy.


Martin, thank you. I drown worms and bottled "trout bait" and salmon eggs. My husband does the fly thing. I love to sit on the dock and take in all the beautiful scenery. Thanks for the post .


Robbie, my husband used to go bullfrogging. I only cooked them once. The frog legs reminded me too much of baby legs an I couldn't stomach it. However, I used to love to dive in a nearby lake for freshwater "crawdads" We would bring them home by the dozens and have a feast. Haggerman WMA is a fabulous area. We have been camping and exploring the area for years. Amazing abundance of wildlife and history.


Hi Grandmapegs - so lovely to hear from you again. And I was happy to hear how you are able to get out there and fish, hoping for that elusive yellow! I loved hearing about your first date with Bud, you must have known from that day onwards he was a "keeper". Thanks for taking the time to post these puzzles, I appreciate that. Sending warm hugs to you. ❤️☺️


Peg, so glad to see a new series on this site. Will so enjoy working the larger ones! I always love blue and yellow together so I love this frame. Look for a puzzle I created in your honor later today. Hugs to you! Dotty


Thank you for posting this and sharing your story with us. There are several rod and line fisherfolk in my family (I'm not one . . . I think I got all 'fished out' working on the docks in my youth). We have a number of trout lakes in the area where I live now.

I am so pleased that you have been able to find somewhere that you can continue to enjoy your sport. My brother-in-law found something similar over here and spent many enjoyable days out there. The one he found also had pontoons built out into the water for those with mobility problems.
I'm sure there is a yellow trout out there with your name on . . . ;-)


Ooo looking at the picture closer I think thats what we call Rainbow Trout


Think we have Brown Trout and Rainbow here in Australia,not sure about Golden Trout "grandmapegs" :) Good to hear you're still going out and drowning a few flies :) Happy New Year and Best Wishes to You :)


I like this puzzle grandma, thank you. I read that it is part of the Hagerman WMA and no bag limits of Bullfrogs and Crayfish. Hee hee, good luck with catching your dream fish.


Shirley, there is a BIG yeller trout in that pond with my name on it. Thanks for the wish of luck.


Ardy, thanks. It is a beautiful spot to fish. Idaho has a dense population of winged wildlife, so there are pelicans, cranes, many specie of ducks and hawks and the occasional bald eagle. There is a lot about fishing that brings peace to the soul, the sun on your back, the blue sky packed with big, billowy clouds, dragonfly, tadpoles and frogs in the water and just being outside. Hugs.


Hi Peg, Thank you for your delightful story and I love that you have a lovely safe place to enjoy your fishing, I enjoy a day out fishing too, Thanks for the link and the lovely puzzle. I hope you get to catch a yellow trout, good luck ♥


Delighted you can enjoy your fishing, Peg. It never has appealed to me but I know many people find it very helpful. And it find a place where you can comfortably fish is so great. Nice link and puzzle. Thanks. Hugs ♥

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