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The latest new in the building of kåter that we have seen.

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Thanks so very much Zombie_Queen, and like you!!! We do so very much agree - I have for many years wanted to be able to make a straw bail house seriously!!

Hi Elfie, I am really enjoying my education on katers! I totally agree with you on today's housing and have always been interested in alternative construction such as straw bail houses and tire houses.
I wish there were more people like you!


It all depends on how big the windows are. You will find one kåte that has very much light but it has two windows then. I think that those with the relatively small windows have to be rather dark, but it will be very warm inside them. It sounds awfully interesting to me the way you live and the house you have built, if you feel like telling more about where, what and how I would like very much to hear about it. All kinds of intitiatives like that are interesting I think!! Basically we live in absolutely wrong houses in my opinion.


Tousand tak Elfie for your guidance. I have plenty of time and I will discover with pleasure your puzzles. Since I live in a meadow in a house I designed and built myself I'm fascinated with architecture of all kinds especially "natural" styles. One more question: Isn't it dark inside? :-)


Meadowman! A "kåte" is a "house" for different nature people. I know them from the Samis in Scandinavia. If you look through the puzzles from the last days here on my profile you will see many of them and be able to read some facts and stories. So if you've got the time, you will be able to find out. Of course I could tell you something here but isn't it better to see pictures too?? Tell me please if you don't have time for it and I'll make you a longer comment. Thanks so very much for your comment.

They are now-living people and I have no idea if they are common Swedish people or reindeer Samis who own it. But it is mere luxury really!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Well this is a big one, this must have been rich people with that door and window.


What and where is kater? This looks like ancient architectural principles being applied today. How much room is inside? How many people is it designed to hold? Forgive the curiousity please, but it is a very interesting dwelling.


Yes, it's a "more room'er". Thanks so very much Sandy!


I think it's built with wood inside then some insulation and on top of it roofing felt to make it dry and leave the water our. Then all the turfs and grass has been put outside again and held by the bruce stems. I think it's better insulated than our house is. The door is very beautiful and you don't break it easily. Everything is just SO well done. Thanks so very much Jan!


Wow, it has an addition. Very interesting. Thanks Hanne.


This one has a lot of interest details, Hanne. I love the door with it's cross handle. And, it is just so many interesting shapes and materials! Thanks so much, Hanne!

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