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Findus is very concerned about Pettson’s behavior but isn’t able to do anything but stand and watch Pettson doing his Disco dance on the dock…and loosing his right boot in the process….
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  1. greet490:51
  2. Knelia0:54
  3. grimric0:54
  4. gerdje170:56
  5. JillianB1:05
  6. gerda19521:09
  7. mble1119111:11
  8. debdaz1:12
  9. alias2v1:12
  10. sharktooth11:17


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Be careful Pettson, this is not going tot end well!!!!!


Thanks for a good laugh dear Eva, poor Pettson, I don't think his dance will end well. Hugs my friend. ♥♥


Pettson is living dangerously!

Ha ha ha! I have done that "try-to-recover-your-balance dance" and it never ended well for me, but let us see how Pettson's dance works out.
@gerdje17 Pettson and Findus were skipping rocks and Pettson started to show off with a long, complicated series of steps on the dock before letting his rock fly...turns out he lost his one boot in the process and also his balance. Findus is helpless to stop him from falling as he is on the shore.
I hope this helps you figure out what is going on here.

Eva , I have only questions ! I understand NOTHING ! And I think : the same for Findus !

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