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Thinking of home. ( for @pukkiepuk )

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Gillon is a young man who sat for my portrait painting group.
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  1. mvt2:25
  2. Dclo2:27
  3. stephro3:27
  4. lelabugosi3:49
  5. twistid_lizzie4:16
  6. Chianti4:29
  7. Bill_I_Am5:10
  8. treker5:49
  9. Pelea6:17
  10. woodbridge6:18


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Tooo sweet Lovie. Thanks Sara ♥


Dear @Bill_I_Am, thank you - I' m glad you enjoyed it !


Nice work, Sara, as everyone has already said. Thank you!


Dear @annoxsford - thank you so much for your support and kind comments. And a very Happy New Year to you my dear Annie. Love, Sara.

Sara, when I assembled this terrific painting the other day, I had no idea that this was your work. One reason being that I've missed most of your puzzles because my number limit is 120. But now I have bookmarked your page so I can take a look and keep up. Always a pleasure to meet another artist on Jigidi -- thank you! -- Annie


@pukkiepuk - you are very welcome my dear friend. I am glad you enjoyed it. Have a lovely day .


Yes, very good!

Incredible warmth and vibrance in the colors. Thank you.


Enjoyed your painting very much! :-D)) Love the warm autumn colors & beatiful soft shades & that gentle blue light reflection in it. Thanks so much dear Sara for posting! :-)))

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