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Look at all those vents!

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I've never seen so many vents on a barn before.

Taken December 25, 2021, Near Westby, WI, before it snowed.
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Another good one, Parson. It made me chuckle!


This barn isn't lost. Joyfulli was able to find it, FB.


Traditional tobacco barns (if that's what this was) had every third vertical board on the side hinged so it could be opened for ventilation to dry out the leaves. Maybe this is a variation on the theme. Thanks, GG.
That's a good way to put it, Fingerbreaker, about the gradual nature of the deterioration. It IS a great shame -- I agree.


Farmers are not the best at maintenance and repair. Deterioration is so gradual. Then it is too late.
Shame, because a useful building is lost.


Very interesting. Hmm... I wonder what the purpose of so many vents is/was.


Good insight, Sylvia. The farm was occupied, so it is a shame that they didn't take care of this barn.


Something went wrong there! Instead of building 10 vents on top of this barn, the farmer should have done something to prevent it from falling apart! Looks like the days of this poor building are counted.


Interesting! The farmer may have thought, “If one or two work good, I’ll just install ten!” :) A good puzzle!


Maybe around the edges there may be a few bluffaloes.

I agree.


Yes, for sure, Ianto. Thanks for caring about the animals and people.

They are needed.

With the cold and snow.


Many of our farmers leave stalks of corn in the fields for the deer and turkeys, and many feed them directly. People also have bird feeders out for the birds, especially in the winter. Most farms have barns or shelters for their animals, too. Thanks, Ianto.
:-), Ed.


Nor am I, Li. :))

That I do. With the cold that you get up there.


Parson, I think your lake has many bluffs!
Yes, Fingerbreaker -- this may be an old tobacco barn. That being said, though, I still haven't seen that many vents on one.
I am not astute enough to know, Ed, if you're spoofing or not about kilns. For all I know, it could be...
Do you mean animals, too, Ianto?

Not just the people.


Pottery kilns!! Someone's trying to start "WestbyWare"!!


Would this be one of those tobacco stores?


At least we are humble about our beautiful lake, not boasting about it being Superior to any other lakes.


WHOse favorite lake, Parson?? Personally, I think you're putting on airs with your lofty ideas.


It gives you an airy feeling - like our favorite Lake.


Hmmm, Ianto. Interesting thought.

It is not good for anyone that has to live there.


For sure, Ianto. I don't know why they needed so many!

Way to many.

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