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Figment 106

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Allow me to introduce a rare sight - the Jigidisaurus Puzzlii.

Found only on the Planet Zorb where it lives in great contentment on the open plains. It is a gentle and peaceful creature with an exclusive diet of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Central Zorb Plains is where the Jigbits tree (Eucalyptus Signata Jigidii) grows in abundance.

It never solves a puzzle - it simply eats every piece it finds. If you have ever wondered why one or two pieces are missing from a puzzle; look no further. The cat, dog or goldfish did not chew them, hide them or drown them. No more suspicious thoughts about your pets now you know the truth!

PS Of course, one must never trust a vacuum cleaner not to take it's share of carelessly placed puzzle pieces ☺
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  1. Kfgg8:16
  2. pianocatsandtea8:30
  3. pinball178:30
  4. foxymoron9:01
  5. annefar9:20
  6. Jojod9:42
  7. srtx59:54
  8. Shorthill10:11
  9. Shian210:12
  10. rasky608210:33


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Aw, Deb - you say the loveliest things - thank you! ☺


Shirley, any day that brings a smile to your face is a good day ☺
I'm glad I brought one with this story ♥ ♥


Judy (that's judypb - potential for great confusion with multiple Judys!) I didn't think it was you who thought wearing odd socks was wrong! It was a rhetorical reticulated question LOL.


The pure whimsey of this puzzle is the perfect thing to end the week. Your imagination is just "wow". Thanks Deb




Thanks, Chrissie, for your fun stories they do make me smile :)))


LOL!! I am so happy to hear about the Common Reticulated Sock Eater. I can quit wondering where all of the socks are now. I never said there was anything wrong with wearing two different socks... I think it makes a statement LOL!! :))


Aww, thanks Judy Lucy :-)
Don't we have the best day jobs? I love mine!
I never knew I had any glimmer of artistic ability until my late husband asked if I could paint some "pretty flowers" on the lid of a wooden box he had made. I told him I'd give it a go and years later here I am. You know the story... if I can, you can!


p.s. You can call me Lucy, I won't care. That was my grandmother's name.


I have the same day job of being retired.
I am in awe of your artistic abilities!


You are welcome, ennis.


Thanks, dudi ☺ You were speedy on the solve!


Thanks, Lucy... er... Judy LOL
Isn't it good to finally know where the missing pieces went!
I work hard at my day job of being retired and making up funny stories to make you and our Jigidi friends smile :-)))


Thanks, frandancer. You do realise that this dude is quasi-chameleon? Body spots change depending on what colour puzzle pieces it eats ☺


No worries, Judy. In fact, I think I can solve the "other mystery"! There is a little known snake on Planet Zorb. A non poisonous, kindly snake known as serpens soccus; more commonly known as the Common Reticulated Sock Eater. It resembles a tube sock to some degree but it is really named for it's exclusive diet of ONLY one of a pair of socks. A rather strange diet but hey, we all strive to survive, right? ☺
PS And what's so wrong about us wearing odd socks! LOL


thank you


Yes, it is a great relief to finally solve that mystery, KK20187 :-)

Love it, thank you!!


This is amazing! This makes me think of some of the magical creatures in L. Frank Baum's books. You could be an illustrator. What is your day job?
So much fun and color and lost puzzle pieces accounted for, thank you!!!


He has put all those puzzle pieces to good use because he is really adorable. Thanks for a whimsical, fun and bright puzzle. :)


Thanks for the great puzzle and for letting us know where those puzzle pieces went... now can you tell us where the missing socks went??? LOL!!


So refreshing to finally know the truth about where those pieces went.Thank you foxymoron for clearing up that mystery.

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