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I was walking the dogs when I saw this lily. It glittered so delicately in the sun after a brief shower - and, of course, by the time I put the dogs in and got my phone, the light had changed, but it's close to the beauty I noticed!
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  1. liz559:39
  2. conrad9:41
  3. puzlvr10:02
  4. zoffica10:36
  5. Magwaggi10:45
  6. allison1110:47
  7. chrissialynn11:52
  8. Emmergee12:09
  9. MissWhizzy12:25
  10. RubaG12:38


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Beautiful Lily.




So sorry, Goldie! I understand. I dug up a garden in front of my old apartment building once. Nothing fancy, but I had put in some cheery perennials and kept it weeded - and even installed low fencing around them. Then the new owners decided every building should look exactly the same. I was able to stop the garden laborers JUST in time to rescue my plants and take them to my son's house.
They DO grow quickly, though; still hope, eh? @goldie2020


I moved three years ago and had to leave many gorgeous asiatic and day lillies behind. I did take a few. Might sneak over some time when I visit my old neighbour


I'm always amazed at this flower's resilience, @goldie2020. It lives next to a utility box, surrounded by fall-blooming sedum, non-blooming irises, and weeds! Glad you enjoyed it,


Amazing colour!


I'm glad you liked it, tommyo71.



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