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Rearwin for Andy

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36" wingspan U-control model Rearwin Speedster
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Thanks! I'd love to see it up close.


Pat, the bottom item on the door is just a little outgoing-mail-basket. The black thing hanging from it is a Halloween bat, which will soon be taken down and stored elsewhere. The upper item on the door is an antique brass peep hole. It has a door that can be opened to see who goes there, and a knocker on the outside. I'll try to take some pictures of the brass thingy for you.


Yup, the plane's a beauty and obviously means a lot to you that you still have it, and have it on display! What also got my attention was the door. What is in the middle of it and what is hanging on, I think, two hooks where the doorknob is/was?


Oh, Gayle, I was too obtuse to recognize those appendages as antennae. Thanks for pointing it out.


Neat! Those two little antennae look like they're just itching to get off that hook and head for the sky.


Ol' Cousin Weakeyes could never handle that, Andy. But fer them as kin, it looks like fun.


You don't, at least not the ones I built back in the '60s. Which is how you lose them, if you lose sight of them after launch. So you have to pay attention to the wind and preferably launch in a very large open field. Here's a father and his young son launching one to give you an idea what it's like - it goes up and out of sight in no time flat!


P.S., Andy: How do you control a rocket after you launch it? Or do you?


Balsa, yes. The covering is red dope on silk.


Oh that is just so neat! It's nice to have memories like that where you can see them, rather than collecting dust in some attic. It looks to me that you did a great job in building it. Is that model built out of balsa and tissue paper that you had to 'dope'? I seem to remember that plane models were built something along those lines - quite challenging to do it right. I never tried that - I was drawn to the model rockets. Lost a few of those babies!! ;-)




This is quite fine, Plumpossum! I will have to share this with Jim. He has a room dedicated to model planes and rockets he's made.

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