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by Glendine Chisholm

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  1. Ianto5:00
  2. sckotn5:15
  3. rachnovo5:15
  4. addict1005:20
  5. cuil5:20
  6. K8C5:27
  7. ekdugger5:27
  8. sammiegirl5:28
  9. zuzu595:30
  10. Annewendie5:35


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i really liked solving this puzzle. thanks for posting it


Oh, and I loved the puzzle and the windmill. Thanks!


Gale, how fun! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and also finding the windmills.
That is funny about your dad. My husband and I look at them and say, "Well, there's a house we could afford." lol
Did you have a good time in the mountains and did you get cooled off?
It's 7:18 on Monday night. I've got to put the clean sheets on my bed yet, but that is all I'm going to attempt for the night.
Have a good night!


Love Glendine Chisholm's style of painting. Thanks for introducing this artist to me. I, too, love the windmill!


Look @jals! It's a windmill! You just don't see those these days! 🥰 We saw two windmills on our trip to the mountains last week, and I got to say it! Thanks for adding a little fun to our rides. My Dad always pointed at those broken down old farmhouses and say "Just needs a little fixing up!". Have a great day! -Gail

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