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coffee is my only friend

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One should never poison their friend with sugar or cream. It dulls the power of insight.


bwahaha, racoon! I thought you'd love it. I love your description that's for sure!!


@Mazy - no, more like #4 or possibly #7. But if you interfere with me before I've finished my coffee, then #5 or #8 might appear, and definitely #1 if #5 or #8 don't warn you off.



only if the coffee is dark...!

Hmmm, my grandson's been drinking a lot of coffee lately. We live together....should I worry???


ruh roh!

So #1 is your normal, pre substances? eek!


I don't think the amount of milk (or cream) in my coffee would change my mind about committing or contemplating murder.

Interrupting me before I finish might coffee would probably result in contemplation being eliminated as an option.


Yes. That one went up a few days ago.


just like you, bwahaha! Ellen was it you posted the freezer hack for cooling stuff quick with wet paper towel? I just tried it and it worked a charm.


Yup. I like mine light and sweet!


I like a lot of cream in my coffee, so mine usually tells me about the news items like "Kitten trapped in tree rescued by handsome fireman".

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