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child showing steer

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Kids show their 4-H steers at the County Fair. My brothers showed, their kids showed, now their grandkids are showing.
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To easy for me but I enjoy all the pretty bright and colourful and vibrant puzzles that catch my eye. I started jigidi in 2017.

Inspiring picture...thank you.


Enjoyed the puzzle and the caption :)


Great picture, reminds me of when we used to show stock.


Lovely photo fodus,thanks for sharing!
This kids so self confident,not scared at all.


She is confident-not even really holding that bridle.


At the Wisconsin State Fair livestock judging in the early '70s a Black Angus won best in breed. When they washed it for the auction, all the black washed off. It was a white Charolais imposter! "QUITE" the scandal!!!


Love this... great attitude!

Looks like a confident little girl!

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