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I feel pretty...oh so pretty..♫.

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And here it is March 2021, the rooster is a beauty, and so are you DixieGal. You havent been puzzling for some time and you are missed!!! Do hope you are just 1st Taking a break’. Best wishes from Fay and other jigidi friends.


Oh what a PERFECT title! Thanks, Dottie!


Haha! mila71, he must have been quite a catch!!


Cock-a-doodle-do it's a 61 skid-doo when I was 16 I had a boyfriend that looked like that. Lol seriously TFS


Good morning, Donna! I agree, it's a funny-looking bird, but people might say that about me when I first get up in the morning. Hahaha!! Thanks for stopping by!!


Good one, Dottie. Poor thing, he/she may think he/she is very stylish and would be hurt about all the funny jokes made about him/her. (ha) such a funny-looking "bird," and thanks for finding it and sharing it with us. I LOVED all the funny comments below. Hope you have a beautiful day, Dottie. :-) Hugs, my friend.


YES it is!! :D


See? More proof that we must be related.


Haha! It does look like you, doesn't it?? Ha!! Just kidding. It looks like me on a bad hair day!!!


Hey, Cuz. Where did you get this picture of me?


I preferred climbing trees to dressing up. Mom "punished" me by cutting my bangs straight across. There is no other excuse that I can think of for those grade school pictures! LOL
But, yes, I could use some help now,too. My mom was always all ways.


Sweet Jan, my mother was a "beautician" and I was a tomboy growing up. My mom was always "fixing" my hair and I hated it! Her most often used phrase was..."look at your hair...come here and let me fix it." But I miss her...I need a beautician!


I come from a long line of "bad hair day" people! This guy should be our avatar! LOL, my friend! Thanks for the laugh, Dear Dottie.


Thanks hsdesign7 and Judy. I didn't know what kind it was.
niccolino59 and hsdesign7, I can relate to that!! haha!
JillianB...I won't tell him...! :D


Shh don't tell him he's not


Ha ha, good one. If I go to bed with wet hair, I liable to wake up looking like Pippi Longstockings...LOL.


Oh my! Looks like me when I get out of bed in the morning!


Sometimes at the county fair, we'll see some of these more exotic chickens and roosters.


This is a Crested Rooster; which variety or mix I do not know. My guess is the White Crested Black Polish.

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