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So am I, Mimi!! You really missed the climax!! Thanks so very much!!


It seems I did miss this one. I'm so glad I finally found it ever if I'm late!


Thanks so very much whatnauts!


Oh my, what a shocking turn of events!!!


Indeed it is, Dagmar, and it's SO wonderful that you appreciate it!! Thanks so very much!!


I just made it today, it's one minute to midnight, I hope the magic will last after this hour, but I suppose by now the battle has been finished and everybody - except the evil sorcerer - is celebrating the victory. :))

Tell Bent that the setup with the beach and the mountains and the evil sorcerer, the fairy the unicorn, golden ones and the pegasus is wonderful. We all take images like this for granted, but is an awful lot of work to put all this together. :))
Good night Hanne and thanks for a wonderful story. :))


It's just SO good that you are content!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


That is one scary looking and evil monster! Thank goodness for the "saviors!" Thanks so much, Hanne.


Yes, don't they? Obviously it's lefthand job!! Anyway for her!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


You haven't seen the beginning of the story Robbie? If you have time go back to Elfie page 4 where the story starts!! If you see the pictures you might have an idea what's going on!! Thanks so very much!!


Oooh!....They make it look so easy!........


What a fun puzzle Hanne and Bent, the one on the Unicorn is certainly rejoicing!!


The peacefulness will come now, Sandy! Thanks so very much!!


Well now this is interesting. I was expecting peacefulness until I saw this. Glad there are protectors. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


You know, Ardy, when you are naive and innocent with hearts of pure gold it's very difficult to deal with the evil things in life. And that's the fate of the golden people. But fortunately they have protectors and guides who keep an eye on them!! Thanks so very much!!

Thanks so very much Sissel, I appreciate SO much your comment!!


A nice puzzles with many things one can think of - thanks :-)


Yea!!! This monster is being eliminated. Hopefully it will make the Golden People stronger and more ready for whatever comes next. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Many of our monsters are dressed like persons I guess, Zombie_Queen, that's why we don't see them so easily!! Fairytales are so "primitive" somehow, you never doubt the characters. Thanks so very much!!

I was thinking just yesterday how Utopic their world is! I guess there are monsters everywhere. Let's hope there isn't a large population of them!

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