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Fiddling around

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Theme: Music and Dance Quilling Internet photo
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  1. mdrsk0:16
  2. JillianB0:18
  3. Teagardener0:19
  4. Robbos0:19
  5. mariolyn0:20
  6. greet490:21
  7. dobrajaneckova0:21
  8. vfdl470:21
  9. Cheannie0:22
  10. PLG19580:23


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Wouldn’t that be fun to watch being played, thank you Marina


A very cool puzzle and fancy violin!


Dobra I’m not really musical but do love music. Sorry you didn’t have the opportunity to learn something.


Jill, I wanted to ask, which of these instruments do you play? But I already read that you played the piano. I've never played and no instrument and I've always been very sorry.


Thanks Val, that’s what I was thinking of.


Jill no we do not Jim probably could, I only sing in the Ukulele group ☺♥


Nev it really is a great story x


It is that Tea, thank you 😊


Val our 14 year old granddaughter is learning trumpet and in the Jazz band at her school. I don’t think piano lessons are ever wasted even if they don’t carry on, they learn to read music for starters. Actually I used to play the piano pre marriage but stopped when got wed as Paul was so good at it! Val correct me if I’m wrong but I had an idea you both played recorder also?


Jill, I don't think I laughed when my Uncle Harold first told me, but having thought about it over the years, it just gets funnier and funnier. ♥♥♥


Love your story Nev, did make me laugh out loud, thanks


Colorful Music :)
I enjoyed your puzzle, thank you!


Exotic and colourful thank you Jill. Jim plays trumpet, ukulele, a bit of clarinet and guitar. Our eldest played and sung in bands, the other two were taught piano for a while not really interested. ☺♥


Jill, this is a true family story, told to me by my uncle.
My grandfather played violin, badly. When they lived on the farm and he practiced, my uncle and his four brothers all went out to the orchard to pick apples. Even if the apples weren't even ripe yet! :-))) ♥♥♥


Iris thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

It is Patti 😊


Thanks Jerry, they are a fun duet :) Adam obviously did really well with his violin/voila playing. It is a bit sad when they walk away from some things but …..


Glad you agree Voronica and yes I think it would too. That is interesting about your daughter and makes me feel better about the decision I made 😉 hugs


(Cool that your family is so musical!)


So perfect for theme! grins!☺


@JillianB Thanks! Perfectly paired with yesterday's grand piano What a sweet duet!

Adam learned the violin by the Susuki Method in elementary school and at fourth grade was switched to voila upon the recommendation of his teacher. He played quite well, and in 7th grade was invited to play with the Community Orchestra at a local college and rose to second chair.

He gave it up in favor of a part-time job at age 16, and the viola sits in its case with its concert-worthy bow in the basement. I do wish he'd stayed with it as violists are in demand for pit orchestras and quartets and he could work at it part-time around his regular schedule...ah, well.


Jillian, yes it is! I think all the color would really add to the joy of playing them. When played well, it's one of my favorite instruments. My daughter took lessons for a little while in grammar school, the practice was brutal! She moved on from it. LOL . . . Hugs*


It’s fun isn’t it Jacki, thanks


Pleased you enjoyed it tommyo71 😊 thank you

Patti oh indeed. Interesting, I didn’t know that about you. I have a terrible admission re violin, my husband is very musical his main instrument was piano but also did violin, guitar and singing. Thankfully our 4 sons got this gene from him so practising going on with piano, saxophone, guitar and drums. Paul had not played the violin for some time and when one of the boys thought he might like to learn it I just thought I couldn’t stand the learning process and asked him to sell the violin, which he did. Ps I do love it played well.


Thank you Jill. what a gorgeous instrument.

(Oh, Patti, what a great idea!)


I used to teach violin in public schools. This look might have helped with recruiting! :) Thanks Jillian!



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