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Maruia Falls

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The Murchison earthquake of 1929 created the 10 metre drop Maruia Falls. We pass these falls on the way to our holiday spot. January 2023
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Janet a brilliant way to put it, thank you


Daasha so glad you enjoyed it, thanks 💕


Both sides of mother nature really - causing damage and then leaving something beautiful behind

Thanks Jill for the beautiful picture. 😉💕


ALONG Val, not alone lol


We did Chelsey, thank you 😊

Always lovely to have you alone Val, thanks


Lovely to be travelling with you Jill thank you ☺♥


You had some beautiful scenery on the way to the beach, I love the hills in the background. Thank you, Jillian and have a wonderful time


Suzy he was fun to have along, a number of different types of scenery along the way. Thank you

No worries Dobra I am more careful than I used to be 😉

Oh good for you Jaklien :) I don’t trust myself on slippery rocks these days 😏

Thanks Patti

Lunie that part wasn’t fake news 😄


Haha Robbie, how was the research, fake news? 🤣


What a beautiful spot! Thank you Jillian!


Studious as I am, I went looking for some photos: what a natural beauty! I also came across the warning: "Do not swim in this pool. A strong undercurrent makes it unsafe. Lifes has been lost".
But just putting your feet in the water will refresh enough I think ;-)


Jill, be careful not to slip! It seems profound to me!


It's so nice to have a memorable spot that you pass on your holiday. How nice for your grandson to be along on the trip with you!


Rosa thank you, we don’t usually bother stopping there anymore but had our 12 yr old grandson with us and he loves anything like this.


Researcher Robbie you are right they have it well signed. Years ago when our boys were young and the cars did not have aircon, we were travelling home and everyone was getting a bit hot and cranky we stopped here (at the bottom) and all got in, just at the edge, to cool off. Cool off we did the water was so cold! It wasn’t dangerous then but has changed and wouldn’t dream of doing it now.


Special picture, thanks Jill for sharing. Hugs!


Don't go swimming Jill.....they say it is dangerous! Enjoy yourselves!

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