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What's camouflaged in this photo? Check comments later for clue.

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  1. Ianto0:24
  2. kareng0:25
  3. startnovr0:26
  4. Zos10:26
  5. Ceefercat0:27
  6. susanm220:27
  7. lelabugosi0:28
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  10. Fluffy450:31


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I sure thought it was a snake.


So, it's not the squirrel, the rabbit or the dog :)))))

Picture says night jar in below left corner, but I don't see it...


Ziegenmelker translates to European nightjar 😄


Yes,'s a bird sitting in the center of the leaves with its head looking to the right and its tail behind. DajaHapan...the web site you gave was quite interesting, because this does look like a Ziegenmelker, but when I got this photo on line, they specified it was the Night Jar. They do look similar. I've done two other "find-ems" with Night Jars because it's so fascinating how well they camouflage themselves. Good work to those who knew this was the Night Jar.

I don't know what nightjar bird is, but I see a grey bird. Very visible.



I found the bird.


Poor little thing . . . not very well looking.




Think it might be a nightjar?


Hims a sneaky little that goes dancing, wiggling, and maybe hissen.


I see the bird but don't know what kind it is. You posted another find-em puzzle with this bird several days ago I think. Thanks, Marion.



I see what you mean. I can see three possible answers and of course it may be none of them !!!!. Looking forward to the answer this time. ;)


I don't have a second photo with the circled answer, but I think I'll be able to tell you exactly where to look and you'll see it. These little guys are masters of camouflage, and I've had other photos of them to prove it. So, I want to wait maybe until this afternoon to give the answer and location because I know there are others that want to try and see it, too. When you DO finally see him, you'll be amazed. Check in later on. Keep looking...I know the "busy" photos make all kinds of optical illusions to see things, which you gals have done, but just keep looking...slowly...and be sure to enlarge your solved puzzle for a better look-see. Good luck!



Is it the head of a reptile?


I'm just guessing, Marion, and I don't see it yet - but there is no better camouflage artist than a CAT.

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