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sometimes you can't win for losing. my mother told me there would be days like this. this is for real. i knew that i had seen wacky things happen on this mahjong site, but this one took the cake.
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  1. like921150:29
  2. franske0:31
  3. webdeb590:34
  4. Sabotage0:35
  5. lalibra10150:37
  6. upswife30:37
  7. era40:37
  8. diannez0:42
  9. robryan0:43
  10. veva1230:43


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That is a funny one!


I'm looking forward to your shot scales Trish :))) Thanks!!


glad you like this. i sent this to them to get their attention. i was thinking about that yesterday. i have been so swamped for about 3 months, so i haven't been here much, nor done anything just for fun. i will get on that! gotta go shoot me a scale. :)


Ha-ha!!! That takes the cake Trish!!!! I like playing mah-jong at this site too - but I've never had this happen :))))
BTW - when are you going to post a pic of your old scales?

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