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The inside of the "kåte" at Gausjo Sameviste. See comment please.

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Thanks Healer if you should come back and see this comment!! I do appreciate your comment so VERY much!!


That was a wonderful story hanne. There's something to be said for "Paying it Forward". That was a wonderful, thoughful thing you did. We touch peoples lives in ways we'll never know.


Thank YOU Ank for joining! You bet it was a hard walk the one we had there!! But we experienced a lot both about nature but about ourselves too!!


Thanks Hanne, of course for the photo but this time most for your comments.


As you say Ardy, you may never know!! - and when we have been places like that since then we've always thought about those who might need help. We have tried to be rather cold an exhausted and then we came to a hut with a stove that did not work. We tried to make a fire but didn't succeed. I don't know what was the matter really, but whatever we put into the stove, it burnt for a short moment and then died. But well, we survived, had better times on our 3 km walk back, got warm again and came out in sunshine. Thanks so very much Ardy!!

Yes, Sandy - and to be wise from!! Thanks so very much!!


A fun story Hanne. Thanks.


I came back to see and your comment was here. What a wonderful story. How thoughtful of you to leave matches and paper. Maybe you will save someone else's life. We never know what a small act on our part may mean to someone. Thank you.


We crossed Ardy! I was writing it! Do really hope that you read it!! Thanks so very much!!


Of course the inside is rather primitive in our opinion about interiors, BUT the floor has got wood on it excepts for where you sleep. There is a stove, not an open fire and there is a lot of room. It's open for people all the year round, is situated about 3 km from common road. The mountains are right ahead. In this kåte we found a letter from two young girls who had lost their way in the mountains in a great storm, were very exhausted and perished with cold and hunger and came down to this kåte. They hurried inside and found a stove with firewood next to it, a pot in which to heat water, some old papers and a matchbox. They were sure that it saved their lives. They made a lovely fire and had the warmth, ate what they had left in their sacks, had water from the lake and were grateful to the Swedish touristorganisation. We looked around and saw the matchbox - there were two matches left. As we always carry matchboxes with us we left two just in case that they might be able to save somebody else. For some reason we had put an old paper in the sack and it was left there too!! Do foolish things sometimes, carry old papers around! You never know when it will be useful!!


Window that opens and wood flooring. Very special. Hanne, did you not post your comment? At least I don't see it. But I enjoyed this inside view. Thanks.

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