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This belongs to a lady I know. A good reason not to drink and drive. While I was inside working my Karaoke gig, this was what was going on outside. Glad no one was hurt.
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Hi Jack, I understand. You are still healing. Give yourself some time. OK? It's fun to see you on fb.

Robbiel! Hi how are you? Yes, funny and sobering. Happy New Year to you also. New Years turned out better than I thought it would. So sorry to hear about the two young people who hit the tree. I hope at least the one makes it. Up here in the cold cold North, we sure could use some of that Bermuda sun shine and heat! Send me some would ya?


Hi Healer, what a funny and sobering picture at the same time. Happy New Year to you, sounds like you were having fun!!
Actually Bermuda recorded the first fatality yesterday. Two twenty year olds drove into a tree, one killed outright and the other barely hanging on! So sad, this lady was lucky!!


I seesaw briefly on your page to wish you the best, puzzling is too tiring and I have severe headaches when I concentrate, hopefully later!


Thanks Suzy, you too.


Jeannie-have yourself a really awesome New Year! May 2014 bring you many good things. :)


Pat, hi. That was not good, you are right!

Yellowgal! LOL! Since she drove it away after they got it back on all 4s, maybe it could have taken another tree!!! You to friend, have a Happy New Year... I did have plans, but they fell now I might just stay home...I don't's been a tough holiday season.

What? Another tree . . . . this car can handle it . . . .vvvvvrrrrroooommmmm ... . .no problem!!!!
Good grief, so happy to hear that you were inside, Jeannie. Have a safe & happy 2914 : o ))


Ouch!!!!! that's not good....


LOL Morris! Told ya! It was crazy!!! I know nothing, I see nothing.....REALLY! Funny you'd say that about the 4 wheel drive....I heard someone else say the same thing last night "Well, if she had 4 wheel drive!" Funny..... And the logs saved her in a way...any further to the right, she'd been in the lake. What a night!


Auch do lieber gott in himmel!!!!
I love it Jeannie!! LMFAO!! WTF, and it wasn't her fault!
Just make sure that you are not on the road at the same tine as this person!
If she had 4 wheel drive she would have made it!!


Hi Suzie, I was safe and sound, thanks. The world outside gets a little crazy sometimes.

Robbos...LOL! Ok here is your answer.... It was STUPID! (makes you wonder what people are thinking)


OK, I won't ask questions, just give me the answer.


Happy to know you were inside working, and safe from the world outside!


Hi JM, I guess you are pretty close on that statement. From what I'm must have been more like... "turn left....followed by a....don't tell me what to do!"

Hi Faye, yep I was working. New Years is coming up people, be safe out there...


Oh,'re working, back on line, and keeping an eye out for others...perhaps you should repost this on Tuesday as an apt reminder...and watch out for the other guys behind the wheel! :)


Famous last words " Watch this"


Hi RockysRider, it's definitely what NOT to do! Always good to have a "DD" (designated driver).
Hi Chucktuna, LOL! Now THAT was funny. Still glad no one was hurt, it could have been bad. I'm still shaking my head.

"Hold my beer and watch this"


OK. I won't ask ... maybe this will send a big message to those who drive drunk, or otherwise chemically impaired.

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