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Australian Crow butterfly...

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Here I was hoping this pretty butterfly would have a nice name......and it's called an Australian or Common Crow!!!! How disappointing a name is that !!

Roma St Parklands, Brisbane, Australia - this morning.
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i know. i google too but i love books.


Thanks Jacki - I mainly use Google to find the ID these days - the photographs are usually much better than any book:)))


a name is just a name rob. this butterfly is beautiful. now i suppose i'll have to go out and buy a book of butterflies in australia.


LOL! No Lunie - it just got the Crow name:)))) Thank goodness:))) I have no idea what the yellow/orange flowers were - there were lots of them though!

Thanks anther - we've seen lots of new varieties this summer:)))

LOL! Lots Morris - he just doesn't look like a crow:))))

Thanks Jacki - that's for sure:)))

LOL!! Glad you approve Lyndee:))))) LOL!!! Thanks :)))

LOL!!! Thanks Old Crow:))))) LOL!!

Almost snooker - and I already did that to Suzy:))))) He-he!!!!

True smllpkg - and he obliged by hanging around the flowers:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Beekay - I have absolutely no idea:))) My mind's gone blank:))))

Thanks Dave - it hovered and gave us plenty of time for photos - with wings upright and down - I think that is the only time a butterfly has done that:)))


It is a pretty butterfly for sure and great photos!!! It was pretty co-operative for a crow.


You have some great photos of it Rob. We could run a campaign to rename the what would we choose for the perfect name...?


It's so pretty, no matter what it's named.

Looks almost like a brown monarch. I'll remember that, Suzy. :)


Very beautiful!


He gives real beauty to the word "crow". Now if someone were to call me an "old crow", I'd be content! :)


Ahhh.. the insect I like Robyn! :)


Oh, lovely butterfly. And what an exotic crow he would make with all his wonderful spots. Thanks Rob!!


What's in a name???


Haven't seen them here either Rob or not that I recall! More eastern states and warmer areas I read. Thanks. :-))


It' a beauty Rob but does it create a sound like the crow bird? What flower is it visiting?


Thanks Janet - I'm amazed at the numbers too - and it's great to see, but oh so frustrating to catch with the camera:)))

Thanks Nev - thank goodness it's quieter than its namesake:)))

Thanks Barb - I'm not sure what the flower is:)))


Very pretty butterfly on equally pretty yellow/orange nice...thanks Rob :)


Fabulous photos, Rob, and yes we have seen a lot of these this year too, as well as the blue and black, ones, the Blue Tiger butterflies, lots of yellow ones etc too. I don't remember having SO many butterflies in the garden. It's been amazing. Thanks and hugs.


I listen to Crows cawing away most days Shirley - as you probably do too - and I was really ticked off when I found out the name:)))) It deserves a nicer name I think!!!
I haven't seen one with orange spots around here - but I'll keep an eye out. We've never seen so many different butterflies - the conditions must be just right this year! Thanks :)))


Rob, I photographed the very same butterfly in my garden, I hadn't identified it, and like you I'm disappointed in the name, they are beautiful, Thanks, Rob.
Rob, have you one similar to this except they have a couple of large orange spots on the two lower wings? I've seen so many different ones this year.

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