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Name the jigidiers part 6

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Cevas (Cathy) PutterDutt (Ellen) gemstone (Faye)
Dilubreuer (Didi) Metamagoo37 Jacques Camus
Toto (on left) Kosheek Impie
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  1. laurajane0:05
  2. marunka2770:06
  3. ralphwt0:07
  4. snooker0:08
  5. Shian20:08
  6. riveroad0:08
  7. cilycoed0:08
  8. Brie16480:08
  9. Robbos0:08
  10. cevas0:08


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Thanks for sharing!

LOL Sally. Probably close to the truth.


Everyone is really enjoying these mini-mes and the memories that go with them... I guess some folks have had a hard time finding a photo... You have your work cut out for you as the "I found one, Snooker --- Wait for me" bunch finds their precious photos... Dig in those closets folks.... Thanks, Snooker.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。

A new one, Sally. Just posted #7 - guess we are working on #8. :)


Have you seen this one, Snooker....


And now it will be seven! Whoo hoo!

Thanks, Brie. That's 9. :)


The names are under the puzzle, ladywil. Thank you!
Only need 2 more, Marry. :)


Another great one snooker. I hope you manage to complete yet another one. I'm post-jigidi-azalea-war... I enjoy this littlie-harmony :-)


What a lot of work to put this together, snooker. I looked at all of them, recognize some faces, because they are avatars. But most I don't recognize.
I remember the azalea wars...I thought that was fun.
Thanks snooker for all your work.

Guess it may not be the last one, Maria, as I have more littlies collected. :)


These collages of Jigidi friends are amazing! A lot of work for you Pat but so well done!!
Thank you!

LOL Thanks, Brie.


And PutterDutt hasn't changed one iota!


Oh gosh! I remember the azalea wars when I first signed up :o) That was fun - but this is great because of the wonderful memories, I told my sister and mentioned I had discovered where the baby on the beach picture of me was taken and she could remember all sorts of information about going there - so it has been brilliant. Snooker - you are a star!


Here it is, snooker.....I did not know you were making these collages...have to check them all out.

Thanks, Cathy. Left her a message asking for one puzzle. Can't get a clear shot by trying to separate one from the four. Hope she responds.


Do you have Ladywil (Willy) ?

Thanks, Warb. Happy ♥ Day to you too. I have 6 more littlies collected if you can believe it, including Patti. That brings it up to 60. Need 3 more.


This means at least 54 jigidi's participated. Patti-PLG is on now too.


This competes with the azalea wars for best jigidi event for sure! Thank for your part-ya did good! Happy valentines, Pat.

Thanks, Toto. Glad to include you.


What a splendid idea, Snooker - and great fun as well.

LOL, Brie.

May have another one yet. Hard to say at this point. :)


I have to agree with everyone here - this has been the best fun on Jigidi for a long time - you have done an absolutely brilliant job Snooker. I has triggered in all of us the most amazing memories - I'm so glad I hadn't packed all my old photos!
I hope everyone still continues to publish their pictures. It has been an incredible global journey
I know you say this is the last but.... wink wink, nudge nudge


I am SO VERY MUCH LOVING this series you've put together, snooker!!!
Thank you, again. From the bottom of my heart!
And thank you to all who posted "young" photos. It's a trip well worth taking :)

Got it. Thank you, Sally.


You've got mail...

LOL We'll see what happens, Sally. What about Chrissie - does she have one she would let me use?


Thank you so much, Snooker.... A lot of work you put into this, but a marvelous idea for these collages.... Well done dear friend.... Hope you get His Oddness to reveal a photo... Would be good to see if he really does resemble Walter.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。

True and I have a few more photos I've found since I posted this one. :)


Thanks on behalf of us all snooker. You have been busy and done a great job. There are more and more all the time! Hugs.

Glad you had fun with them, Faye. There are 54 on the 6 puzzles and believe it or not 2 more have shown themselves since. No end to the littlies. :)

Would you consider a snap shot of the young oddman or do I have to ask your sisters? hehe

Hope you found yourself in the playpen on one of them, smllpkg. The playpen was remembered by quite a few I think. Thanks so much.


This is the "bestest" Valentine ever! What a lot of work you had to do to put these collages together for us. (I went back and found the first five installments!) Thank you, snooker. It's so much fun to see everyone's younger versions.


This has been a lot of fun, Snooker. Nice work on your part. Thank you so much.


Just finished reading all the comments in all six puzzles...and bookmarking. However, I will not make it on the leader board as I'm way too slow with small puzzles! LOL

What a great idea, Pat. It must have been a lot of work. Thank you for doing this...and thank you for including me...what fun! ❤

Have been waiting for you to find it, putter. Of course you are here. :) Will put your name under the puzzle now.


Good Heavens! You included ME!!!!! Thank you snooker!

Correct, Brie. :)


Middle Metamagoo

Glad you found your photo, Cathy. :)


Thank you Snooker!! What a great idea!! I am going to go and look at the others and read all the comments!!! : )))) ♥

I have your photo now, Patti, and also one more. If enough new ones show up I'll do another collage. Sweet photo of a lovely little girl. :)


Look what I've been missing all week! How fun! Thanks for all your work, Snooker!

Well done! Only 3 to go and the top center is an easy one. :) Thanks for all the nice comments.


Should have read comments before. Faye already guessed by Ank.


Faye/gemstone top row third
Pat, this has been marvelous. Thank you so much for time and effort. Great idea of yours. :)


This is fun snooker, thank you. You did a great job!!!

I do recognize gemstone (upper right) and the one in the lower right...that's me... Impie!


Middle row left is Didi Ank, not me...


Thanks for the lovely and fun series snooker! I only know the ones already named.


I remember Jacque's photo - and it's great to see Cathy and Lunie:))) Thanks snooker:))) Job well done!!!


In red, that's Faye (gemstone)
Middle row, left, Lunie (Dilubreuer)


Jacques is the only one I can put a name to. Thanks, snooker.


Oh...I see Cathy, too.

Very good, Laura. Will put their names under the puzzle. ♥


I see Jacques and Toto!

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