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ať žijou barvy!

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18 pieces
29 solves
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  1. halsbacher0:24
  2. JennyG660:28
  3. maziz0:28
  4. piki820:29
  5. chuckles19530:30
  6. EvaLen0:34
  7. mapletree0:35
  8. ejka0:35
  9. dobrajaneckova0:36
  10. Kenzie0:40


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těžko říct, čtvery byly pro naše holky, to pak to číslo rychle naskakuje :oD


Takže mají úspěch!


ani už nevím... tak deváte, desáté..? :-D


No ty jsou opět epesní! Kolikáté jsou v pořadí?


thanks, Lockcutter, I think they're actually less demanding than those amazing afghans you make ;o) these are made of thin yarn, but when i use thicker yarn and needles i can make them in few days


These are really cute. I don't think I would have the patients needed to make these.


thanks Kenzie, they're great for warming the feet, and suprisingly easy to make (it takes time though :oD)

Just the sort of socks I would love. Y feet are the coldest part of me in winter.


Puitepe, thanks, yes lot of work, but it's my hobby, so i don't mind when it takes time ;o)


Evi, jsou mi, potvory malé :oD tak jdou do prodeje, snad se najde někdo se štíhlejší nožkou


wow, that is a lot of


No je nádhera a nohy jsou v teplíčku ☺

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