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Toads :-)

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  2. Robbos0:07
  3. Ianto0:08
  4. TaDah0:08
  5. ekopug10:08
  6. Larrydog0:09
  7. alias2v0:09
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Thanks Peasterberg- I truely understand :-)))


I gave up golf. Perhaps I should say it gave up on me. I'm home, where it's safe to drink. At least as long as I shut my computer down at a reasonable time...



:-)))))) Thank you so much. I just keep "Driving Miss Daisy"


Stay there, PB. Alias is on his way. Are you at the 19th hole [the clubhouse]? He won't putter around.

PB needs a driver? Of course I will help! I just have to fetch my golf clubs.


Too late, Parson! I might have had tee many martoonis. I think I only had throo...


PW. ;-))))))))


I am going to let Alias drive you around from now on, PB. I don't want to be accused of driving you to drink.


Oh, Parson. It's a good thing I just opened a beer!


Thank you so much for the laughs and fun :-)))))))))))))))))))))))


Powell was a friend of Ralph Kramden [Jackie Gleason]. "One of these days, Powell, right in the kisser."


Alias, you and Parson are driving me to drink!


Groan, Alias. LOL

Coasters - do you mean those exceptional dry biscuits that come with the beer? Like sand-ales?


Powell who?


Would sandals be coasters for your toasters, Alias?

Heading to bed, now. It is 1:43 A.M.

We have, PW, and we took our shoes off long ago, because Powell told us to.
:) KBL


Apparently, all of you have toasters, Alias.


@alias2v. ;-))))))



You will be told how to tow the toads with your toes.
And afterwards we will hold up our toasts and toast you.


Thank you so much for all your comments PW, Peasterberg, Juba, Hanne, Willy, Jackie, Ellen, Ianto, Sylvia, Kay, Janet, Bekka and Alias :-)))))

We just have to think about our nature and help it to survive when we as humans "just build" everywhere :-))))


Told what, PB?????


Shoe, Parson, shoe! Park here and keep making puns, and you will be toad.


I would love toad patrol to be on my resume. I have done gopher snake and garden snake patrol here and there.


Many years ago we had special days in September, where the frogs and toads wandered. The roads were full of them in places where some stream - big or small - wasn't far away. It was very difficult to drive among them without killing rather many! During the last many years we haven't seen any, perhaps if so many were killed it has been impossible to raise new animals for those that had go give their lives. Too many animals eat tadpoles, so if they are too few they will gradually disappear! It's a pity, their spring concerts are fantastic! :-))))))))



Very cute sign, Thank you Sissel Hugs !!!!



Some one has to help them.


We are helping migrating toads as well and I love it. Thanks, Sissel!


Going without my toes would de-feet the purpose.


Where I live, we close roads and rebuild them with culverts to allow streams that had been blocked so the salmon can run up the streams to lay their eggs. I love that toads and frogs are being helped. Yes, they are indicators of what is happening ecologically. Cute puzzle, Sissel. ;-))


I love it thanks Sissel. Let us know when you've done your patrol. Hugs ♥♥


I'd volunteer to do that! And woe to anyone who tried to mess with the toads.



It does Sinaj :-)))
Alias is just not quite awake yet :-)))


Thanks Sinaj. We do take care of our frogs and toads in Denmark. Here we would proberbly make a pipe under the road for them :-))))

They are Alias :-))))) Good morning

it says toads.right?

Migrating toes? Are my feet allowed to follow?

This is a worthy cause, don't knock it. Toads are an indicator species like frogs, they show how we are killing all things

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