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Pats doll.

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My wife Pat estimates that this doll is 66 years old. It was a Caucasian doll and has since turned half black. We don't know when this happened , it's been up in our attic for about 45 years. It wasn't like that when we took it up there.
It also has some stiches in her back , it quit crying so Pats dad did an operation an fixed the crier . It made Pat happy at the time. I call it her Obama doll.
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How strange and interesting, Jim!


No Eve , it was once all white, rubber arms and legs turned black by age.

The doll is special, like my mom had.
Jim, this has been purchased - white head and black body?


Smllpakg , I guess its not a mystery after all , just pose a question on jigidi , some one will know the answer. Its better than an encyclopedia because jigidi members are up to date. Thanks smllpkg. Jim.


Hi Ginger, I guess you're right, I'm older than the doll. I haven't changed different colors yet but do have some wrinkles and am deteriorating . hugs back dear friend, Jim


Hi Janet, no she isn't upset, we were amazed at the transformation. Sort of a conversation piece now. Hugs back dear friend. Jim


Thanks janshoemaker, The rubber is soft and shows no deterioration.


Florrie, you think there may be a spirit up there? I think all the spirits I have are downstairs on the back bar in the basement. Jim


I remember leaving a doll on the back shelf in the car when I was a child and the "skin" turned black, just like this.


Aha, rubber turns black when old...who said we can't learn new things Jim?? lol..66 yrs old entitles her to do that. Hugs for 2 my friend. ;o))


So this is the doll Jim, how strange. Is Pat upset about what has happened? Thanks for sharing, hugs, dear friend, Janet

this is typical of dolls that were made of rubber. The rubber falls apart, gets hard or turns. The head is made of hard plastic.


Dear Auntie Marlene , We call it an attic but its a finished bedroom , She sits on a bed up there , she is very comfortable. I do talk to her when I go up there.
I saw some of smllpkg's antiques she just posted and it reminded me of Pats doll so I snapped a photo of her and put her on jigidi.
Timmy is so elated that you are sending him more tummy tickles and cuddles , he is purring. At first I didn't think he purred, it was so low , I think he's learning how to do it now.
Best wishes back to you Auntie Marlene, Pat, Timmy and me send Love and hugs back to you. ♥♥♥


Hello Jetmech7. I Love It. Pretty Dress. Interesting Story. Why Was It In The Attic All Them Years ? Is It Out For Good Or Going Back ? I Don't Wonder Why The Poor Thing Changed Colour Being Put up There For 45 Years. What Made You Let It Out After All Them Years. Many Thanks For Sharing. == TO DARLING TIMMY == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == EXTRA BIG TUMMY TICKLES & BIG CUDDLES & LOTS OF LOVE From Auntie Marlene. Love and Best Wishes My Dear Friends, Pat & Jim. Marlene. X X X X.


Neville,The arms and legs are some sort of a rubbery material. strange metamorphosis.

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