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Picture says a thousand words. Have fun, Dave
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  1. Ribs0:58
  2. Dclo1:05
  3. JUNKMAN1:05
  4. Kab1:11
  5. geoffvl1:22
  6. dindalungy1:27
  7. mheig351:32
  8. mble1119111:38
  9. Donnami1:46
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Hi D, I hope you get some rain soon. We had rain all around us 2 days ago, some within 1 mile, but nothing until yesterday afternoon, and then only about 1 hr of steady rain...only got 4- 55 gallon barrels from the house roof. That's not much and so many people around here depend on catching rainwater as there aren't many water wells here. I hope your brother and Rick (Manx) get some nice, easy, steady rain so the ground has time to soak it up.
As for pricing, I wonder if the insurance folks had some pull on that... seems prices are low even though crops are lost all over, but soon after settlements, the prices go up again. I know it is supposed to be based on free-market/advance-market buying trends, but if I were a big crop insurance co. you can believe I would have some controlling stock or friendly partners in appropriate places. *just my thoughts, I don't have any stocks in anything*
Later, D. Nice that you and Rick (Manx) have connected. --Merrie


That surprises me on the pricing? I'll tell my bro. Hang in Rick, D


thanks and tell your bro that as a fellow farmer I feel for him .There is nothing worse then watching crops wither.As for pricing the weird thing is our prices are falling and forward pricing isn't much better.


Most corn around here is just too far gone. Hope your t-storm turns into a long medium drizzle for you. Definitely gonna be price increases (shortages) in however long that cycle is. Good luck Manx, D


I don't think so yet . The corn is short but is starting to cob and beans are still green and have flowers on them . They are calling for thundershowers tonight .We are hopeing it could just save us


Will you have to use crop ins? My bro lost corn and made two bales of alfalfa in 56 acres. He will also have to use ins for his lost soybeans. It's rough everywhere for sure, Dave


hi ,i'm from southern Ontario and this is how we look as well. It's been 5 weeks with no rain thanks Rick

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