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share whit me-spam wend siss java

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  1. morrisfan5:23
  2. Wendy135:32
  3. mambridge5:37
  4. javasage5:58
  5. sweetheart516:08
  6. dad26:39
  7. alib6:42
  8. Sissel6:54
  9. kamani6:59
  10. Yose6:59


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YES I know :)


that would be nice-but I have a time problem -slainte


Beer and irish music. Shall we meet on the 17th of march (Sct. Patricks day)


well-I like beer and great irish music- so Ill study that SOMETIMES


Jennie, I'm ready, willing, and able to share some beer with you....even though I don't like the taste very much. I love the affect/effect? on me....and that's what counts.


javasage, yesterday was the very first time I posted a puzzle...and then of course, the birthday ones for Jennie today. I don't know why I never did it sooner. It's really fun. Try it. And oh, by the way, spammenot borrowed one of your dragons. I would like to suggest that you watch her carefully. She can be very naughty at times.


Im sure you would ,javasage-and its the thoughts that caunt-so thank you so much.


Cheers! Happy, Happy Birthday my friend, and may you have many, many more healthy, joyful and faerie-filled years to come! If I created puzzles I would do one for you of Grandmother Moon, and Froud's Queen of Faerie! ;)))

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