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Name the jigidiers part 5

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Gaillou Sweetpants bluebird42
glorianna Ginny14 Agnes
Tekchal Sue49 ikook (Marry)
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Thanks for sharing!

Glad you like them, Janet.


Thanks for another great one Snooker. These are such fun and a lot of work for you. hugs.

A good looking group for sure.


Faces so full of innosense!


Way too slow at 0:12 LOL But thanks again, Pat, for including me.


Hi Pat, this is a great thing you did with these old photos. Had I know you were going to do this with them, I would have dug farther into my old albums and found one of just me. But, I found the one with my brother and hadn't seen it in ages (I have one of another pose in my living room) and thought it would be cute. I had gone looking for one of me riding a cow, but saw this one first. Thanks so much for pulling all these together. Hugs.

It's posted. :)


Yay!! We await its arrival!

Have Lunie and Beekay just gave me the 9th. Thanks to both of you.

Thanks, Beekay. It has been fun. Need 1 more for the 6th and final collage.

This is the link I put on your puzzle, Phyllis. The names of the little people are right under the puzzle. Did you find your photo on the 3rd collage?

Yes, have her too, Nev. You are a prince. :)


You have gather quite a collection snooker. What a fun idea to display them all as collages. Thanks for doing that.


Hi Pat, to slow for the lb, but a great idea. I recognise top and bottom left, but no names.

Pat I followed that link and found this, bit I don't think it's the one you meant?

Yes, have it Nev. Need 1 more. Thank you.

make that 2 more.

You are welcome, Jill. Need 3 more now for the 6th and last one.


nothing at all... :o(

Thank you. A new one. Know anything about her?




super! I'll keep looking

Yes, thanks, Brie.
Cropped her out of the big photo.


Did you manage to get Impie?

Need 4 more photos for the 6th and final collage. :)

Thanks everyone. Glad you are enjoying the littlies.
Warb, jetmech is on #4. I grabbed Lunie's too. TY


Jet just changed his.


I see Lunie found her photos and Jet, too


Thank you for alerting me to this puzzle, Pat. It made me smile when I saw my picture:) I didn't realize you were doing this series. What a fun idea! Love it. The only other one I recognized was the bottom picture of Sue and her brother.


Very nice idea Snooker, thanks. I like the familiarization with people when they were young... ☺♥☺


Another fabulous one thanks so much Snooker, you are doing a great job with these wonderful collages. It must be a lot of work. Hugs to you, Janet.

You are very welcome, Barb. I never thought so many would post "little" pictures or have them as avatars.


I love your series, snooker. Just been having a look at the others. Thanks for creating these collages! :-)

TY, Francine.

Have 1 more photo towards a 6th one, Marry.
If any of you spot photos or avatars of people that haven't been featured yet, please let me know.
Glad you are no longer CRAZY, Suzy. :)
Very good, Francine. 1 to go.
Thanks also, Lyndee, Shirley, Laura, Brie, and Lorna,


Of course, Francine. She's staring at me from my favorites!!! :)
What fun this is!
A bit like a scavenger hunt! ;)


Marlene/sweetpants - top row

Pat, love what you're doing with photos. Thanks.


Can't add any names, I'm afraid, Pat. I love this one, too! Are you collecting more for yet another one?




YES, Brie!!!! Gaillou!!!! Thank you for tweeking my grey matter :)

Glad you are all having fun with these. Only 2 more to guess. :)


It's Gaillou :o)


Tekchal....lower left. Bluebird (Jacki) upper right. Anezka (Agnes) middle right. Bottom right Ikook.
Upper left I should know and it's making me CRAZY!!!

Well done, again, snooker.
Thanks for the time and effort you put into these!


You've been busy snooker! I don't know any that haven't already been identified, though I recognise a couple of them.


Middle - ginny14, bottom right ikook, middle right Agnes, bottom middle sue49


Upper row: Gail/Gaillou, ?, Jacki/bluebird.


I can't figure any of these out, either.


Cute faces but I can't put a name to any of these, snooker.


I should know the one in the upper left hand corner but can't think of who it is. Ikook is in the lower right hand. I love these younger pictures!!!! Thanks for all the work you have put into them Snooker.

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