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Sending a chuckle for the start of the new year

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hope 2021 has been off to a healthy and safe start thus far.
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Is it a wonder that no one wants to contact us !! ✿❛‿❛✿

Sad but true.




@Surreal_Heidi I think that may be going on for a while. While I understand some, the ones on philosophy completely stymie me.


I'm with Heidi!! We desperately need to believe there is intelligence somewhere****


TPTB have been removing comments again.

Very cute, Thank you.

Very obviously true

There certainly is enough stupidity to go around!


Thanks for all the chuckles today, Maria! :)


It's because some of us want hope that there is intelligence somewhere in the universe.

Never, a truer word was spoken. No kidding. They do walk among us. :))
Thank you for this posting. Bev.


OH, my gosh! Thanks for the statement of truth and the laugh! LOL . . . Voronica~




That's a great question......


Truer words never spoken in many cases.

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