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It seems I`m not the only one who thinks she is an arrogant ,self-centred ,loudmouth.
Remember there were 10 other WOMEN on the team,she seems to think she won the title all
by herself,you don`t hear them complaining about pay etc.
Check the BBC Homepage today??

Ah yes, the good old days, when we were free to openly show our prejudice against absolutely everyone who wasn't an identical clone of ourselves. BTW, I'm 56, and am loving (most of) our present enlightened society, and eagerly await the next wave of civil rights.

Yes! webwook, I`m 84 and will soon""die off"as you put it, and if the world and it`s "cultural
enlightenment" is the future ,I`m glad I am. At least in the past you could tell the difference
between male and female,now,it`s 50/50 you guess right?
I hope you enjoy your future

The good thing is these ignorant oldsters like Naylor and Mindy will soon die off.
We'll marvel at this Trump era as an ugly aberration on our arc of cultural enlightenment.

So Naylor thinks that a lesbian is not 100% female. My, how 19th century. Nastiness is the refuge of the small-minded, you know...

Manaplan, are you sure she`s 100% female, she even admits to being "gay"


She is the best female soccer player on the planet at the moment. The rest of you are nuts.

She should be kicked off the team. American hater. Boo!

Yes Naylor, and very anger. Why is she so bitter? She should count her blessings!

She may be a good football player,BUT ,she`s not a good sample of womanhood,very arrogant
and self-centrerd.
By the way I`m not Dutch!

Awesome, Congratulations!