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Beautiful couple

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  1. ptreyn16:12
  2. floridagypsy21:33
  3. SoniaR23:47
  4. sueb30:31
  5. Judyly34:56
  6. Bluesailor36:37
  7. Skulls37:56
  8. OldFogey42:39
  9. Janka48:30
  10. TexasRose53:38


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Your welcome.


The small one is the male and if he doesn't get his business done quick he will be dinner. All spiders are poisonous to different degrees. Sure is a beautiful spider and web. Thanks floridagypsy for posting it.

Are you sure it is a couple?

Since you've made a close inspection, I was wondering, "are they poisonous?"

I walked into the web last night when I got home and now the web is parallel to my parking spot.

I have one of these in my yard (in S.C.)

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