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Castro, Chiloe Island, Chile

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Look at these beautiful houses (palafitos) we see in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle! ♥

Palafitos are traditional stilt houses found in Castro, on Chiloe Island in southern Chile. These distinctive structures are built over the water along the coast, with wooden stilts elevating them above the tidal zone. The practice of building palafitos dates back to the island's indigenous Chono people, who constructed these homes for protection from high tides and to facilitate easy access to fishing.

Chiloe Island was first settled by Spanish colonizers in the 16th century. Castro, founded in 1567, is one of the oldest cities in Chile and has a storied history marked by resilience and adaptation to the island's challenging maritime environment. The city became an important center for trade and fishing, with its architecture reflecting the blend of indigenous and Spanish influences.

The modern palafitos in Castro are renowned for their vibrant colors. They are often painted in bright hues, adding a picturesque quality to the waterfront. Constructed from locally sourced materials like cypress and larch, these houses are designed to withstand the humid coastal climate and frequent rain.

Living in a palafito allows residents to adapt to the island's unique environment. At high tide, boats can be moored directly beneath the homes, providing convenient access to the water. At low tide, the stilts are exposed, showcasing the intricate construction and enabling activities such as shellfish gathering.

Beyond serving as residences, many palafitos now house shops, cafes, and guest accommodations, contributing to the local economy and offering visitors a glimpse into traditional Chilote life ♥
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@msj. Hola Marisol, La siento. I always have to check how to spell in Spanish. Maybe one day I will find a site online to teach me more😁Estoy feliz de que seas mi amiga.
Adios, y cuidate Suzanne


@DaisyBella: No I don´t live in Chiloé,I live in Santiago,capital of Chile.Remember the glass tower?.Santiago is in the center of the country and Chiloé Region in the south.
How are you ? I´m so happy because you are writting a little bit more in spanish.


how lovely

@msaj Hola Marisol. Como estas? Do you live here? Chile looks so lovely. I am glad you have a happy life there. Some old here. Nothing changes but the Seasons. Adios Amiga



All sounds like a beautiful country. Hugs.

Gracias Bev ,yo tenía este pzl guardado para mostrártelo a tí y a @mandato y @DaisyBella que se han interesado por mi país,Chile,pero tu fuiste más rápida.:-))
Lo único que le corrijo a la historia ,es que Chiloé es un archipiélago ,compuesto por la Isla Grande,donde están las ciudades de Ancud y Castro que es la capital de la región y de la cual se muestra el borde costero con sus palafitos.El resto del archipiélago está compuesto por islas más pequeñas y también habitadas.


Lovely scene and thank you . ----------------5-24-24



Thanks for the comments. It is also interesting how we humans adapt to our given environment and discover how to live and survive with where we are. I enjoyed doing your puzzle. Thx for publishing.

Interesting story--thanks

beautiful, thanks

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