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A Medal for hero a Special Forces Dog, Kuno

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A military dog who charged through a hail of Al Qaeda gunfire to take out a sniper and save the lives of British soldiers has today been awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross.
Pinned down by grenade and machine-gun fire from an insurgent, special forces were unable to move during a compound raid in Afghanistan last year. But four-year-old Kuno leapt into action, tackling the gunman without hesitation to break the deadlock - and change the course of the mission.
The brave Belgian Shepherd Malinois was shot in both back legs during his act of heroism and suffered life-changing injuries, One bullet narrowly missed a main artery - and he required several life-saving operations in theatre before he was stable enough to return home. Kuno's injuries have proven life-changing and his rear paw could not be saved and was soon amputated.
He is now thriving in retirement after becoming the first British military working dog to be fitted with custom-made prosthetic limbs.
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Thank you both so much, it's good to see this one again, he deserves to be seen. (◠‿◠)


This brave is the definition of a hero. You picked a good one to bring back out, laskadog!


Thank you for showcasing this brave and handsome dog.I hope he`s with his forever human now.


You are welcome Artola, and thank you for your comment. (◠‿◠)


Such a wonderful dog, a real hero! I'm so glad he is thriving in retirement. Not only did he save soldiers in combat but also, now he is a model for animals getting prosthetics. GOOD DOG indeed!! Thanks for sharing his story. :o))


Thank you Mary, I agree and I am so pleased the vets worked so hard to save this hero.


What an incredible story of a really true hero. Thanks so much for sharing it. Man's best friend for sure. Mary


Thank you Bubble, he is a hero, and I would have taken him on when he retired, he would have been spoilt rotten. ♥ (•‿• ) ♥


What a wonderful dog and photo - a real hero and would love to meet him.
Thanks Izzy ♪♥♥♫.


I think so too. Thank you BirdNana

Awesome story Izzy! Very handsome guy! (Salute)


That he is, bless him.


a true hero...

God bless are heroes. Thank you for your service


Thank you BobK44

Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. This certainly is one. Thanks for your service.

Gemstone--I can only echo your words... my exact reaction ! I have seen dogs working cattle with that same disregard for their own wellbeing to follow the trained response to their masters.


Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I can tell you that after a lengthy programme of rehabilitation, including sessions on a hydrotherapy treadmill, Kuno has been rehomed.

He is said to be enjoying his retirement, and is the 72nd recipient of the prestigious honour - joining a line-up of brave dogs, horses, pigeons and a cat.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful hero’s story.


Yes Izzy a true dog, I did read about him yesterday.

I hope this caring brave soldier dog is now living in a caring family home.


What an incredible dog!!! I'm so glad they treated him like the heroic soldier that he is and fought to save his life.


Thank y0u for this heart warming story of heroism.

Did his duty as trained. All HEART! I donate to Vested K 9 s to help protect police dogs. I never heard of having prosthetics for dogs (animals). Wonderful.


This story gets me right in the heart. How wonderful that no one said, "It's just a dog" and went out of their way to help him! Thanks, Irene!

It is not possible to say thank you enough


This is such a lovely story; I saw him featured on breakfast television this morning. What a hero, and so nice to see how he has been cared for since his horrific injuries, and to hear how he is now enjoying retirement with one of his former handlers. Thanks Irene.

Kudos to those who made his new limbs. Technology can be life changing! I would love to hug this dog!!!

A true Hero. Good whom ever made the legs.


Great photo and story Irene!


A brave hero, indeed! Not only do I salute you...I'd love to give you a couple of make my heart smile, and weep, and burst...all at the same time. ❤️❤️❤️

Handsome soldier! Thank you for your heroic service in saving your team!

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30 April 2022 - 14 December 2017
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