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A laugh to start the day...

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This pair of kookaburras and another pair were having a laugh at 7.30 this morning! I was in my dressing gown, but couldn't resist picking up the camera & heading out onto the back veranda to grab a quick photo or three:)))
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Habit-forming, this photography thing! :-) But the picture is beautiful, and certainly worth the effort!


LOL!! No - but they do make me smile Ami:)))) Thanks!!


I forgot to add that I like your photo, and thanks for sharing your finds with us!


Do you ever laugh back at them?!


Thanks Gracie - it's a happy noise:)))


I would love to hear them laughing! they are so cute! thanks Rob


LOL!! They're carnivores Gail :))) & I'm not really into lizards, snakes, small birds or insects for breakfast :)))) LOL!! YUK!!!

They sure are Cathy, I have to agree :))) Thanks!!


They are very cute. And they do look rather cheerful !!


Shame on you, Robyn, for not bringing them their morning coffee, or at least some hot chocolate...


Thanks Allie - we've had a very cold & dry winter so far - lots of places have had minus temps, and record snow-falls down south! Even QLD gets cold in winter:)))

Thanks Jim - they're in the same family as Kingfishers, and come in a blue-winged variety, but we don't have them here in Brisbane!!

Thanks Lorna - it sure has been cold, and a LOT colder inland!! We're on the coast & it's a bit milder - thanks goodness!

Thanks aerovka - they are beautiful!!

Thanks Morris - I agree, they sure are cute!!

Thanks Florrie - it's not quite that cold:))))

LOL! Try living in the tropics & sub-tropics for a while Jim - then you really notice the drop in the mercury:))) Thanks!!

I remember you saying that before snooker - thanks :)))

Thanks Sharon - I can never resist a good photo op:))))

HA!! Sorry about that Suzy:))) Thanks!!

My pleasure Patti - thanks!!!

Thanks Dave - I do like my zoom :))))


Well worth the effort, Robyn. An excellent photo!


Love this pair too! Thanks Robyn!


The things folks do for a puzzle! Well done, Robyn. Now I am singing the silly song....."kookaburra sits in the old gum tree..."


Fantastic photograph Rob!! You certainly went above and beyond for this one but it was well worth it. They are such beautiful and happy little guys☺♥

Saw them when we were in Oz years ago and also remember the song from grade school in Canada. :)


Rob, 42F is tee shirt weather in Michigan. Jim.


I am glad you did pick up your camera, great shot!!
Cute little guys!

Krásný záběr! Díky za sdílení.


Fabulous photo Rob. What great looking birds! I am surprised at your winter temperatures too!


I've heard about them but have never seen one , they look similar to our kingfisher but a difference in color. You take some great photos Rob.


Hey Robyn well done - beautiful kookaburras! Saw a lot of them when I was there! Love them!
Surprised to read in yr comments that you and Janet had such low temperatures! Didn't think it got so low there! I was in AU twice in August and the lowest it got was 16 degrees in Melbourne!
Thanks for the photo! x


LOL!! You cruel person you Chrissie:)))))) Poor Sally:))) It sounds like you might get your 2C soon too:((((( Thanks Chrissie:))

I'm always amazed by how far that song travelled Li - quite a few others in the US know it too!!!! I'm pleased it bought back some good memories though:))) Thanks!!!


Great photo, Robyn!! When I was a young child, we learned that little song, "Kookuburra sits on the old gum tree...." I didn't even know that a kookuburra was a bird until many years later. Your post brings back memories!! Thanks.


We sometimes get them on our neighbour's big TV mast antenna. Even if it's 2° out there I'm shoving Sally out the door in her bathrobe to get a photograph :-))


Thanks Sally - these were next door & with my 'you-beut' 50-zoom Canon I could have gone closer:))) Keep trying -you never know when the opportunity will come:)))I love your birdie icon:))))) Thanks:)))

I'm pleased you liked this shot Floyd - thanks:)))


Thank you Rob for taking this picture and sharing it with us.
It is great to learn about different birds, etc. from another land.


This is a wonderful photo, Rob... I'm so jealous... We can hear them over by the school, but can never see them... I keep hoping to catch one up close and personal... They are gorgeous and fascinating birds... Thanks heaps....
/ )


Thanks Janet - I was pleased I spotted these 2 when I went out to check the temp on the back veranda!!!

We have a nasty, dry westerly blowing today too - and Saturday morning is supposed to be the coldest day according to the BOM!! Ipswich & Archerfield have been down to 0C this week, but we're like you - in the hills, and we never get it below 6C (42F). Beekay can laugh if she likes :)))) but it's still cold!!!!


Hi Rob, a beautiful pic of the kookaburras. Thanks for that. Hugs, Janet

We are back to very cold weather today, with the freezing cold wind back again! BRR! We went down to 2 C (35 F) last week - that was cold. Many areas around us have had heavy frosts. Thanks goodness we are a bit higher.


I'm betting you had it a LOT colder than our temp Shirley:)))) We seem to be lucky, we live in a hilly area & it never gets below about 6C here!!! Thanks!!


Love to hear them, we have a couple that start about 7:30am too, although I haven't heard them of late, maybe too cold .


Thanks Beekay - I'm not usually THAT keen - but they were sitting pretty:))) It was a nippy 8C - 46F, and breezy - so I didn't hang around!!


LOL! It sure is Barb - who needs an alarm clock with them around:)))) Thanks!

I just couldn't resist jyl - they were so close! They're usually way up the top of a tall pine tree!! Thanks!!


That is a great laugh:-)) And that is a serious looking beak they have Robyn! Thanks for going out in your dressing gown for the photos ;-))


Great capture, Rob, especially for 7:30 am in a dressing gown! Thanks for thinking to post it for our delight.


Wonderful little birds and their laughing is a real laughing matter....LOL


They certainly were potato:)))) Thanks!!!

Hi jeaneth - we've had them around our area for quite a while now - and I always love hearing them laugh too. Where abouts do you live? Thanks for dropping by to comment!

Thanks Laura - I posted some pics of them earlier in the year & had a link to their laugh - but I forgot to do it this time!! Thanks for adding it!!!


I just heard them! Fantastic!


They are gorgeous little birds. I never heard them laugh before.


our kookaburras are usually far too high up in the tree out back to get a good shot of them --- just love listening to them laugh makes me feel really good inside hearing these lovely bird call each other


What a delight!!!

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