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Loyal dog refuses to leave his owners grave.

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Lao Pan, 68, lived alone in a small house in the village of Panjiatun, China. His only companion: a yellow dog. Pan died earlier this month, and although he had no close relatives, he has been visited constantly. His lone visitor: his trusty dog.

The dog went without eating for seven days as he watched over his owner's grave. Only once has the dog been lured away, and it was just for a quick bite.
Fortunately, villagers have started bringing the dog food and water. They're planning on building him a kennel at the site. It doesn't sound like he wants to be adopted any time soon.
( Nov 22nd 2011)

Check out the link for the full story.
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dogs are, without a doubt, THE most LOYAL and LOVING creatures on this planet. they will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for their owner, no exceptions! they will jump off cliffs for their master. they will go without food and water for their owner. they will put their own life on the line again, and again, and again with complete abandon for their master. they put us humans to shame, patiently showing us over and over again what true love can kick it continuously and it will stay. you can hit it with a stick and it will stay. You can take away it's food and it will stay. You can yell at it, beat it, leave it out in the cold. It. Will. Stay. and if you show it that you hate it, have no love for it, want it out of you life... Then, only then, convinced that it somehow must have wronged you, that it is to blame, will it slowly, reluctantly, wretchedly limp away. that, my friends, is true love.


Ours would be a lachrymose life without them, that's for certain.
Speaking of, mine is sulking on 'her' sofa, so I'm away for a walk before she starts telling me off! Lol. ; )


Such a sad tale. Such a faithful companion. I guess that's why dogs are considered mans best friend.


Oh, this is so sad. He must miss his owner terribly.


Thanks octomom. I watched a brilliant 2 part documentary done by English actor and comedian, Martin Clunes, who is well known for his love of dogs, "Martin Clunes A Man & His Dogs." He embarks on a worldwide adventure to investigate the secret to the partnership between man + dog, which is so unique + rewarding. His quest takes him to Africa, America, and Australia, where he faces wild dogs, freezing conditions, and even a singing dingo.
If you get the chance to watch it, please do - I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy it enormously! ; )


Here's a short video of the dog in your puzzle, Amazonia:


The movie was "Hachi: A Dog's Tale", starring Richard Gere. It was a wonderful movie. Here's a Wikipedia link:'s_Tale


This is why I generally prefer the company of dogs to people.


Thanks guys. I'm trying to find a follow up to the story, as this was from November 2011. I do hope this little fella is doing ok.
Aggie, I believe the dog from the railway was Hachik?, there are two movies based on his story - Hachi-ko (1987) + a remake, Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009).
I remember learning about Greyfriars Bobby when I was a kid, got a photo somewhere of me + my brother when we were 10+12 standing at his statue at the top of Candlemaker's Row in Edinburgh (near the Greyfriar's Cemetery), my mam bought a miniature bronze of him she keeps on the windowsill. It's said he held vigil over his masters grave for 14 years.
Dogs are such amazing animals.Every day, around the world, you will find tales of their incredible loyalty, courage and companionship.
Here is another story from just 3 days ago in Western Austalia - the ultimate act of loyalty, a Silky Terrier who remained by his dead owner in the bush for 5 WEEKS has been found alive, reunited with his Jack Russell 'brother' +cared for by friends of his owner.


So nice to have such a heart warming story like this. Such a faithful friend is hard to find in this me first world, so thank you Amazonia very much.

nothing like a dogs love.

To have a friend like this would be wonderful
glad the town is taking care of him

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