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My new puppy, Spencer, chewing on goggles and anything else he could find.
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Spencer is certainly is a cute little soul, Winston Churchills middle name was Spencer, is that where you got his name?


Right now he has the endless energy of a puppy. Hopefully he will settle down LOL Buddy, or little rat terrier, had three broke legs his first year of life. He was the runt of the litter and we think that there was inbreeding. He also had problems with what he ate. He knew all too well about the vet's office. With his history, he never was overly active. We had him for over 13 years and he was so much company and a constant companion and like both me and my husband. He was one very very smart little dog. We haven't gotten another doggie since him and he has been gone for 3 or so years. You know how hard it is to keep track of time LOL We would have loved to kept CallieLou but with her size, she would have had to be an outside dog and the pond with the alligators presented too much danger for that. I know that she has a wonderful home with Libby and that is what matters. Anyway, I am rambling again, but I wish I could give you some tips but my experience with dogs is limited as you can tell. I do remember Buddy going through a stage where he wanted to pick up everything and chew on it though. We were once in a workshop that had some metal shavings on the floor and guess who found them? We had to keep a close eye on him but he eventually grew out of it :-) Wish I had known about Libby's trick of keeping a favorite toy nearby for tradeoffs LOL LOL LOL So many people here on Jigidi seem to love animals, so I am sure that if you need advice, they will be most happy to offer tips.

I am so sorry you lost your kitty cat!! I know it was a horrible experience but now you can look forward to the coming days with Spencer :-))))) And if you are up to sharing your adventures, we get to hear about them :-))))))))


As I've been reading the comments, all the ups and downs I have had with my own dogs come exasperating sometimes, but so very worth it! One thing I found helped a lot with Callie Lou was to keep several of her toys (ok to chew) very close by so when she got hold of something I didn't want her to chew, I could substitute quickly! She caught on pretty she has with almost everything except house training! I have some bells on the back door knob and she will ring them when she wants to go out, but will invariably piddle just before she rings the bells!!! I have to keep papers on the floor because of having to work 10 hour days...oh well...she'll "get" it one day! Looking forward to seeing Spencer grow! How lucky you both are! ;-)))


Warbler, he is a sweetheart and does love to chew, my hand, my toes, my slippers or shoes, his chew toys, milkbones, his leash, the grass but most of all---rocks. He is fascinated with the rocks or stones we all have around the plants in our gardens and will actually pick one up and carry it around with him, stopping to chew on it every once in a while on our walks unless I'm lucky enough to get it away from him. And, sadly, he hasn't fallen asleep on my lap yet. He comes up a lot but walks all over me licking my face and chewing on my hair. I'm really looking forward to the first time he comes up on my lap and just lays calmly for 10 minutes or so. Thanks for stopping in and seeing my little one.


Kathy, Spencer is a little sweetie but is running circles around me already. He really likes attention and wants to spend all day outside but not without me right there with him. Sorry to hear about your sister and her misadventure with her hubby's cat. But also glad that she had the smarts to realize how dangerous a cat bite can be and was treated as quickly as she was. Right after I injured my back some of my friends thought having a pet would help me with the depression I was experiencing and bought me a kitten--a beautiful black tuxedo. He ended up having FPK--which is a fatal disease and the vet had me take him home with special meds to help him go peacefully with me but when I tried to give him the medication the fourth time he bit me really hard and actually died while biting down on my hand. Getting the muscles of his jaw to relax enough after he died to release my hand was difficult and I ended up with a serious infection but it remained local and was easily treated. He was only two weeks old when he died and it was really hard on me but Spencer is making me very glad to have a companion again. We buried Spencer, the cat, under my daughters butterfly bush at her house and placed a large rock with his name and dates carved in it. That helped a lot and I've gotten over the grief after this length of time. I'm very happy having a Spencer in my life again. And, yes, I know that it's strange to name both animals the same but that is the name I had always wanted for the first pet I got strictly for me and not for my kids.


Spencer is a cute little guy, Rosie, doing what puppies do best. They can be a handful but when they fall asleep in your lap or by your side, in total trust, its worth every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like you have your hands full with the little cutie pie!!! LOL Glad he responds to the "Ouch". Bandit, my kitty, likes to bite every now and then and often breaks the skin when he does. The older I get, the thinner my skin seems to be getting. My oldest sister just had a scare when her kitty bit her. Her kitty isn't very nice to her and prefers her husband. Thank goodness her hubby finally gave in and let her get a kitty companion. I met him a couple of weeks ago and he is a sweetheart!!!! I think she made an excellent choice when she picked him. The other kitty even bit her again after she got out of the hospital and she has sworn off ever trying to pet him again. I was really worried about her when she landed in the hospital from the bite. He bit her one morning and by that night she was feeling the effects with fever and chills, flu like symptoms, and redness at the site. She went to the urgent care facility the next morning and they gave her antibiotic the next day but it did not slow down the infection. By the second morning after the bite, she was hospitalized. Thank goodness the IV antibiotics yielded rapid results!!!!!

Enough rambling again LOL Sorry about that!!!!! I don't know a lot about doggies like some of the other's here on Jigidi, but I bet if you have any questions Libby or someone else will be more than happy to share their advice.

Don't let the little bugger fool you LOL When we had our little rat terrier, I promise you he understood us better than we understood him!!!!! Soon you will be spelling words around him LOL Buddy, our doggie, even got to where he could read lips LOL LOL LOL Very funny story about that .

Your little Spencer will have you trained in no time LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


Thanks for stopping in, Li. He is a darling but seems to have a mind of his own and all of a sudden is barking late in the evening when he wants my attention, like now. Training isn't as easy as raising kids---they seemed to understand me better.


Rosie, Spencer is a darling! You must be enjoying him immensely. Thanks for the pic.


Thanks, everyone. He does love his toys and chews on everything including toes if their available. But he is a good boy and responds to an "Ouch" and lets go quickly. He is keeping me very busy and I'm not getting much Jigidi time or time for anything else. But I'm okay with it for now---he's worth it.


Many's the time I have sewn up a chew toy for Maggie as a pup! She had favorites and missed them if they were gone. Spencer looks darling! Thanks, Rosie!


What a cutie! :)))


Spencer , nicely enjoy it , have a nice day . Thanks a lot Rosie :-)))))


Oh, I know that scene so well--EVERYTHING is a chew toy to puppies! Most outgrow it, but some don't, like Maggie--I hope you have better luck, Rosie! LOL! Spencer is sooooo adorable! :-)))))


He's very cute, Rosie! And I'm sure he is keeping you very busy. But what a delight that busy-ness is! I'm a dog person too - they make the best of best friends. I hope you both have a long and happy life together. :)))


What a lovely puppy; thank you, Rosie!

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