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My Current Cat Furbabies

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From top to bottom (all are indoor only)
TIGGER- 4 years, 18lbs, has a collapsed lung & great personality. The vet calls him a
"Miracle Cat," I call him my best buddy.
PITA - 4 years, 12 lbs, meek and a wuss except at the vet's where she's unrecognizable - a veritable, if small, ferocious lion.
MOOCH - unknown age - maybe 7 or 8 years, 7 lbs, recently acquired "neighborhood cat" that required an amputation and who is trying her best to be "Alpha Cat!"
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Thanks, niccolino59 - and they still aren't friends, lol.


A beautiful trio!


Thank you for your solve and thoughtful comment, eelun1. Yes, it's been a challenge to have what I thought were two healthy, happy kitties - and then to find by a fluke that one is and has been sick, and then having Mooch unexpectedly added to the mix and playing nurse while she recovered from her amputation and is making her adjustments to being indoors with two others. It's definitely changed the dynamic and been keeping me on my toes! :)


you are an amazing momma to these madpol said I hope and pray Tigger your Miracle baby will be with you for a long time as have quite a variety of personalities...with different disabilities...that keeps you one your toes...I thank you for being the person that you are to take such good care of these babies...kathleen


Thanks so much for the nice comment, madpol, and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them! He and Pita are polydactyls (thus the "6toedcats"), and although I love them all and try not to have a "favorite," I have to say his personality makes him mine. ☺ I too hope he'll be with me for as long as possible.


Why didn't I see this sooner ?? 6toedcats, you sure have GORGEOUS cats !! I read the comments, and wow.. your Tigger is an amazing cat ! I hope with all my heart he will be with you for a very very long time.. Thanks for posting your beautiful animals !!


Thanks so much, Wendy, for the kind words. I think he's great, and am always hoping for the best. He is smart, which helps. ☺


Sounds like Tigger is a smart cat and with a strong will to live. He knows his limitations, will play and when he's tired, he'll sleep. He's a great cat............Wendy


Thanks, Beekay - they do...never a day goes by when one doesn't give me a reason to smile.

Wendy, yes, it's wrenching when they get ill and you have to put them to sleep, and of course you usually don't know until their symptoms are so advanced that they show. I've had to do it several times over the years both with my own and with "neighborhood cats" and it never gets easier. In part, that's why I now have Mooch. With Tigger, his lung was a huge surprise to both me and the vet (the original x-ray of his stomach was just for my peace of mind - lol, which it ended up not giving me), but without it, no one would have known yet. I got both he and Pita as kittens from Friends of Strays and although they check for illness, they don't do x-rays as a matter of course unless an animal is obviously injured. It's usually from trauma, so he maybe he's always had it, as it definitely took some time for his lung to get that big. He's the most playful of the three, but I guess he's adapted to his limitations and have noticed he always lays on the side with the collapsed lung, and plays for shorter periods now. The vet is amazed he's alive, so I'm just grateful for every day that he is, and keep a close eye on him. Thanks for your good wishes.


Oh 6toes, I'm so sorry about Tigger. I hope he'll be okay. It's horrid when our pets get ill. I hate it. About 6 years ago I had a beautiful little grey kitten who grew into a gorgeous cat . At a year old I noticed she was very lethargic and always wanted to lie on the heat vents. Turns out she had a rare stomach cancer and by the time I got her to the vet, she was so swollen in the stomach area. There was absolutely nothing they could do so I had her put to sleep. It killed me. She was so lovable........Wendy


Three lovely fur-buddies. I'm sure they bring you much joy.


Thanks, Tasia, babray and Wendy! hey definitely do become "family" in a hurry, as they depend on us so much. Your two sound lovely Wendy (I used to have a "JJ" - named after my brother who nagged me to adopt her, but as she was female...☺) . I've always limited myself to two, until Mooch got injured and the neighbor and I conferred as to what to do. Big ones seem to always have big personalities to go with their size! I'm glad your Scrappy has accepted you and become your buddy! Tigger is tall, strong, and playful and can walk right over the other two, his legs are twice as long as Pita's. I'm sure he'll be ruling again once he gets over Mooch - being semi-feral she growls and hisses and that's new (and scary) to him and Pita. Tigger's illness was a major shock...he's always been a bit prone to stomach problems, so when I had him at the vet's for a respiratory infection, I asked them on a whim to do a stomach x-ray just for reassurance. Part of his heart showed up in it, so they asked me to bring him back for chest x-rays, and his other lung had grown so large to compensate for the collapsed one that it had displaced his heart. I worry.


Aren't they lovely. I just have 2. JJ who is a tortoiseshell and definitely lives life to the beat of her own drum. She is about 6 now and fluctuates between 10 and 12 lbs. Scrappy is my huge cat. He is very tall and is about 8 and 22 lbs, but not fat. He is just a big cat and rules the house. I love him to death. He and the dog are best buds and the same size. Scrappy was my late husband's cat and it took him a long time of grieving before he really accepted me..............Wendy

Wonderful little family!


Handicaped but cute and happy cats! They have good care!


Thanks, RobinT - thanks for your solve and comment. They are...when they are separate. :)


They look so content and happy. Precious, all.

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