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Kaleido Garden

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  1. Camelot1:18
  2. Pooka1:33
  3. monicaarmintrout1:36
  4. carthill1:41
  5. Vinetu1:42
  6. Layyal1:43
  7. anettka851:49
  8. rnr2lake2:03
  9. NeverBored2:08
  10. girch2:09


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Yes, Mandy - I just had to do this - such a fun puzzle. And all these wonderful imaginative flowers.....


Wendy, recently when I've posted comments it has taken up to 10 seconds for the comment to post, you probably clicked away from the page before it had finished posting. Don't worry, I already know.... :~)


Geeeez, Mandy, I thought I posted a comment here but I guess not. You already know how much I just LOVE this puzzle! :-)


thanks whatnauts - and not one of them needs watering!!!! :~)


Such a beautiful garden of flowers. (2:13)


Lesley - somehow I missed seeing your comment - sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you!!!! They do look like explosions, I love when other people see the things I didn't!!!

Jan - I'm delighted you had so much fun, and that I treated you to a smaller size, I'll try to remember to do more in this size in future :~)

Kathy - thank you for letting me know you enjoyed this - I think I had most of the fun when I was making it!!!


Thank you Mandy for a vivid, bright, colorful, and fun puzzle :-)


Mandy, Hester is right! This looks a lot like those candies......only much better. I love kaleidos and to have this many AND fewer pieces - -what a treat!! Thanks so very much! I had a lot of fun!


Thanks Mandy, but you flatter me too much! I LOVE your puzzles, so it's my great pleasure to drop 'round!! And how good is my holiday? I have the beach (and an ocean view from where I sit right now), AND my Jigidi! Yay for mobile internet. It's a perfect holiday I think. A storm is rolling in today, so I have the ideal excuse, err I mean reason (LOL) for being on Jigidi! And I can keep an eye on the choppy waves and dark sky, which is just as interesting as a perfect day - when seen from the safety of my apartment. It's the best of both worlds. :)))


Thanks Kirsten, I honoured you've visited whilst on vacation. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time and thank you for dropping round. It was a masterstroke to ensure your internet access whilst away :~)))


Oooh, I love these style kaleido puzzles!!! Thanks Mandy. :)))


Thanks Hester - I remember that candy, my kids used to love it!!!


Wow! Psychedelic popping candy! Great one Mandy! :-)


Lovely little explosions of colour, Mandy.


Thanks Jill, glad you stopped by and left such a glowing comment. :~)


Wonderful, Mandy! Loved it! Thanks!


Thanks Barb, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it. :~)

Nice to see you ellyndeane, I'm happy you loved the colours. :~)


great puzzle, loved the colors.


What a delightful puzzle full of wonderful colours! Thanks, Mandy. :-)

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