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Allena, 17 months, at her first Easter egg hunt.
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Thanks, @Bubble


When they're tiny they are so funny. Sharon hope you have hours of pleasure with Allena and her family. 🖐😃


Thank you, @Bubble She just turned 2 at the end of October. They were here recently and we went to a restaurant. She is so funny. She had her own little plate but everyone else's looked more interesting, even though we were all eating the same thing. My son phoned me last week and in the background I heard her little voice saying, "Hi, Grandma!" I do like her name.


What a cutie Sharon, you must be so proud of her and lovely name too. (ᐤ❣ᐤ)


Definitely Sharon .I miss my daughter and Livia so much. I do wish they lived nearer and if I were 25 years younger I think I'd give up my dear house and move to the south ,after all that's where I came from and would have stayed had it not been for my teaching job!
Well Sharon maybe Allena (what a lovely name ) will be a famous musician one day!


Thanks, @Andie2a1383 They came down for my birthday earlier this month. Allena spotted my electronic organ and climbed up on the bench and proceeded to play. She pushed the rhythm button and began to bounce right in time. She dances and bounces when there is music on the radio or tv. Her family all have large dogs, so when the saw my little Bella, she said "Puppy!" They had fun playing together. I wish and know you wish the distances were not so far so we could enjoy being with the little ones more often.


So lovely Sharon,she looks very happy with that Easter egg hunt !
I have a little granddaughter,Livia,she is 9 months old and she lives about 700 kms away from us so what a treat it is when we can go down to see her or they can come up to visit us.I waited for Anaïs to have a baby for so long (I am 77 ) ,now Livia is here I would love to be able to see her every day .Of course as you say there are lots of photos and videos sent to us but Anaïs and Livia came for a fortnight in August and what a difference it makes being able to see her smile to me ,hold her and cuddle her all the time.


Thanks, Jillian.


Oh Sharon she is gorgeous, such a sweetie. Thanks for sharing


Thank you for asking, @old and ancient. They are not being affected by the current fires, but we expect a long fire season again this year. Last year they did have to evacuate for a couple days as a precaution but their home remained safe.


Thanks. I'm not sure who had the most fun--little Allena or my son and daughter-in-law.


Very cute looks like she had fun.


Thank you. Thy live in northern Arizona in the mountains and I don't get to see them often, but they send lots of videos and photos.


So sweet ! :-))) ♥


She did. And she wasn't about to put it back down or in the bag either. She was happy with just the one. The Lions club in their small town put this on, hard boiling and coloring 300 dozen eggs and scattering them in the park. They did a great job setting off certain areas for a particular age group--under 2, etc. The oldest kids had more of a challenge hunting in an area with lots of trees. Good, clean fun for all.

She picked the green one :)


Thank you. She is very sweet.

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