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This Bougainvillea has been loving the shade from a self planted tree next to it and not having to face the hot sun. It made me smile after being on those desert roads
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It sure did a Lunie and yesterday I cut some big branches off the tree because it was getting way too wild for me..Thanks and Hugsmy friend❤️❤️


Lovely Bougies Eva...that would give you a very heartwarming welcome!


Thanks Judy❤️❤️


Janet, yes the Bougainvillea love the sun but not the burning 120F sun and this one would look as lame as the other 4 if it wasn’t shaded by this wild tree that just planted itself right next to this bush...They will always come back, it’s a very hardy plant and they will look very wild unless you trim and shape them..Thanks for your story and you are very welcome..Hugs my friend❤️❤️


Ardy, I cant compete with all your beauties growing in your yard, but I do enjoy my Bougainvilleas..Thanks and you are welcome..Hugs ❤️❤️


Pam, you warm my heart always☺️ Thank you my friend❤️❤️


Lefty50, There is a way to do things and in the 15 years I’ve trimmed my 5 Bougainvilleas I’ve been scratched less than your fingers on one hand..I trimmed one way back the other day without garden gloves and in a sleeveless T-shirt and not a scratch..Even hubby is amazed☺️


Very pretty, Eva!


Eva, our Bougainvillas grow in full sun and love it. We often see a huge one, in full flower, in the middle of a paddock all alone. The pioneers often planted them and then the house vanished, probably burnt down in a bush fire, but the Bougainvillea continues to grow. Yours is fabulous, so pretty. Thanks and hugs dear friend. ♥♥


Beautiful, Eva. Gorgeous color too. Thanks, my friend. Hugs♥♥


Thank you for this pretty Bougainvillea puzzle, and for today's other three puzzles, Eva. They are all proving to be enjoyable. I find Bougainvillea to be particularly lovely. ❤◡❤


Just be careful of the thorns. I've seen and been poked by) some that were bigger than the flowers.

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